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OSM Mapper (http://product.itoworld.com/product/osm/map) is a free to use product that allows areas of OSM data to be monitored and analysed. Produced by ITO World with support from Ideas in Transit.

New York.jpg


  • Monitoring changes to OSM data within a defined area
  • See who is doing edits and where
  • Subscribe using RSS to be kept informed about changes
  • Generate images on the fly for usage of particular tags
  • Generate lists of street names
  • Full planet coverage
  • Updated roughly weekly with the latest published planet file.

Note that:

  • Point features are currently only available in the UK. These will be available soon elsewhere.
  • You will not be warned about deleted features

If you have suggestions about how to improve OSM Mapper then please add them on the Feature Requests page.


For more images uploaded to this wiki see Category:Maps made by OSM Mapper

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