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Author: user:Gary68
License: GNU General Public License
Platform: Linux
Status: Broken
Language: English
Programming language: Perl

deprecated, successor is Mapgen.pl


A simple renderer which can be used to draw simple osm maps with custom information. Version 2 also labels streets and puts out SVG files.

The program and the underlying modules (Osm.pm and Osmgraph.pm) should be easy to understand and it will be easy to change and extend it for your needs.

It will be necessary to experiment with picture and font sizes to get the desired results!

This program is not intended to be a perfect renderer. In fact it doesn't have too much intelligence. On the other hand the code is simple and other information beside the usual map data can be put into the maps (i.e. numbers, graphs, circles, dots).

Problems with special characters in SVG?

Edit the first line of the SVG-file: either use

  • encoding="utf-8" or
  • encoding="iso-8859-1"

Sometimes one or the other works. I haven't figured it out yet...

Programs / Files

... can be found on my wiki page Gary68.

Other examples where osmgraph.pm has been used


osmdiff - Osmdiff_reports

Osmdiff fra.png

This is the origin of the code for osmrender.pl. There is no module used here but the code has been developed here.

Mapping Quality

Mapping Quality


This is the first real program using the osmgraph.pm module.

Preview V2.0 BETA

Image is in SVG format!