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  • All questions, comments or issues about the HOT Outreachy application process should be sent to outreachy-info@hotosm.org (But please read this whole page first :)


This year the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is recruiting an intern for Round 11 of the Outreachy Program taking place from December 2015 till March 2016. This was made possible through a partnership and generous support from Mapbox. This is part of HOT's larger goal to foster further diversity in its community and organisation. Please read the following important note from the Outreachy website before considering to apply:

Please do not apply for the program if you will be in school full-time or will have a full-time job during most of the time between December 7 and March 7. Instead, you are welcome to start contributing to any participating organization in your spare time, apply for May to August Outreachy or Google Summer of Code internships, or apply for internships or jobs with our sponsors, as works best for you.

Important Dates

Getting Started

As the interest from candidates is coming in, we are getting requests for how they can start to contribute to their selected projects listed below.

The main places that HOT discuss things are on the dedicated Outreachy email, our mailing list, IRC and Mumble Voice Server:

Project Ideas

This page contains a list of finalised ideas that have have been selected for the current Outreachy program:

Redesigning the HOT Website
Suggested By
Tyler Radford
The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) website is currently in a redesign process and we want the intern to be part of it! As a front end developer and/or designer the intern will be involved in a small team to create the new face of HOT online presence.
Skills Required
Solid skills in CSS, HTML, knowledge in Drupal and Git is a plus. Attention to detail, auto didactic, independent.
Possible Mentors
Felix Delattre
Please provide basic prototype (HTML mock-up) how a new front page could look like. And fill out the survey form.
Incorporate requested feature enhancements of the HOT Export Tool
Suggested By
Blake Girardot
The HOT OSM Export Tool has recently been redeveloped to deliver a better user experience and more file formats for download. However there are always more file formats that can be added for export to assist humanitarian efforts, as well as other feature enhancements. There are already a couple of issues listed in the dedicated GitHub repository. Ideally the project would suit someone with database and Python programming experience.
Skills Required
Attention to detail, organised, good communication skills, open source experience, Python, GDAL, Celery and GitHub
Possible Mentors
Dražen Odobašić
Please take a look at the listed GitHub issues labelled for enhancement and feature request to see if you feel comfortable with the task required.

Application tasks

Once you start on your contribution task, please remember that you may and are encouraged to ask for help while completing the task. Everyone has moments when they get stuck, and it is better to work through it together and see what can be accomplished. Voice your interest, ask questions and read information on the specific project. All questions, comments or issues about the HOT Outreachy application process should be sent to outreachy-info@hotosm.org

Depending on the project you are applying to, please select the application task belowː

Redesigning the HOT website

  • ̇̆Please apply with a basic prototype (HTML mock-up) of a new HOT front page you would propose. Feel free, everything is allowed, be creative. Don't worry you can emphasis more on technical details as a front end developer (for example including breakpoints for responsive design) or you can focus on the design part, when applying as a designer. This task should be done in not more than one day of work.
  • Application form: Please fill out a survey, with your own assessment of skills.

Incorporate requested feature enhancements of the HOT Export Tool

  • Review the links to the GitHub Issues and develop an idea for the small contribution task based on any of the issues listed.
  • Send your idea for the small contribution task to outreachy-info@hotosm.org and the current mentors will work with you to move forward on it or create an alternate task.
  • If you need technical help to get started on your small contribution task or just explore the projects more, ask technical questions via the GitHub issues.


We have compiled a list of items that we would like the candidates to add to their application, along with and most importantly a completed task that is to be a small contribution to the project:

  • A short paragraph explaining why you are applying and what involvement, if you have had any, in open source projects.
  • A simple resume showing previous activities and experience. And please feel free to include work that are not necessarily open source related.
  • Examples of previous work that demonstrate your abilities in the skills listed for the project.
  • A draft outlining a proposed time schedule of your availability for the project, incorporating the expected 40 hrs per week from the 7th December to the 7th March 2016.
  • Complete the application task related to the project you are applying to.

Please submit your application for the project via the Outreachy website by the 2nd November 2015 19:00 UTC. When submitting your application make sure you select "OpenStreetMap" from the organisation list: