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Print your own Free roadmaps


A printable UK road atlas, created from OpenStreetMap data.


At http://svn.openstreetmap.org/applications/rendering/pdf-atlas/

Running the program

Prerequisites: Requires the Perl programming language, and its PDF-API2 module (package libpdf-api2-perl in Debian/Ubuntu) to generate atlases. Requires Perl's XML::Parser module to use planet.osm files.

A shell script create.sh is included, which will download the data files and start an example rendering with the config file Config/config.txt.

If you really want you currently can also download the sources and config files like follows:

You will need certain configuration and data files in place:

All files are available as a ZIP [1] to give you the directory structure, although the latest copies of each file are on the wiki.

Run the program with

perl pdf-atlas.pl Config/config.txt

or simply



High priority

  • Better filtering (motorways and primary roads only on the area maps)
  • Coastline filtering (remove from detail maps where it's so obviously in accurate)
  • City names
  • Those machine-readable bookmarks in PDF

Medium priority

  • Calculate the border for all maps to retrieve from all single maps.

With this the line in Config/config.txt: "Area: 52.0, 5.0, 20" would no longer be needed.

  • Index
  • Fix localisation (using Norwegian names as test data)
  • Ability to set paper size in configuration (e.g. to create A2 PDFs, or landscape orientation)

Low priority

  • Line widths and bordered lines
  • Text, points, and symbols (pub icons)
  • Distributable processing (e.g. creating each page individually and combining them later)
  • Truncate lines that are off the map, rather than relying on white borders to hide the overflow
  • Precalculate page numbers
  • Draw the grid letter/numbers over the streets, in a darker shade of blue


  • Gamma setting is still optimised for Apple Mac
  • Planet.osm to text needs to recognise railways, waterways, etc.
  • draw the light blue grid under the streets, it should be nicer

Feature requests

  • Add your feature requests here

Prerequisites in Linux Distributions


  • apt-get install libpdf-api2-perl libxml-parser-perl libfile-slurp-perl (these exist in Ubuntu Gutsy at least)

Gentoo Linux

  • emerge dev-perl/PDF-API2 dev-perl/File-Slurp dev-perl/libxml-perl