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The is the page to discuss the import of a dataset of waterway geometries of the city of São Paulo, Brazil, made available at this page by the prefecture.

License status

The prefecture made the following statement regarding the license status of this dataset:

(portuguese) Todos os arquivos estão disponíveis para download, podendo ser livremente consultados, trabalhados, reutilizados, redistribuídos, sem restrições de licenças, patentes ou mecanismos de controle, apenas indicando-se os créditos devidos.

(english) All files are available for download and can be freely consulted, processed, reused, redistributed, without restrictions of license, patents or control mechanisms, only by giving proper attribution.

A full e-mail transcript is here.

Import Plan

Planned steps for this import:

  1. Clarify license status
  2. Publicize and discuss at talk-br mailing list
  3. Publicize and discuss at imports mailing list
  4. Make reference at Import/Catalogue
  5. Make reference at Contributors
  6. Prepare the data
  7. Create a import account
  8. Import

The data

Target file is rios.shp. The reference system of this file is SAD69, which has SRID 4618. However, QGIS and gdal have the wrong parameters for this reference system and will do an incorrect conversion do WGS84. In ogr2osm, the option -e 4618 should not be used. Instead, use -p '+proj=longlat +ellps=aust_SA +towgs84=-67.35,3.88,-38.22,0,0,0,0 +no_defs' .

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