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POI Importer (http://poi-importer.github.io/) is a combination of Quality Assurance with an import tool. It's used to host 3rd party datasets, and view the differences with OSM data.

POI Importer displays the different POIs from datasets on a slippy map, and colour codes the markers to easily spot the differences.


In the top left, go to Datasets and search your country. Under your country, you can find the datasets available for the country. If your country is not present, it doesn't have any datasets yet.

When the dataset you want are enabled, you can pan and zoom to your preferred location, and see the markers appearing. When you select a marker, the popup will show the similarities and differences between the 3rd party and the OSM data. With the tool, you can open the OSM area in JOSM (iD isn't supported yet), and you can also add the POI in JOSM in case the POI wasn't present yet.

Note: under the settings, you can chose to hide all complete POI, these are POI that match 100% with the POI in the database.


  • The search radius of POI is limited, when the data has a positional error, it's possible that no match is found
  • 3rd party data may be wrong too, please focus your editing on areas you know

Adding data to the webpage

Please see https://github.com/POI-Importer/POI-Importer.github.io/blob/master/README.md to find out how to request datasets on the webpage.