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Author: Bernhard R. Fischer (User:Rahra)
License: GNU General Public License v3
Platforms: Linux, BSD, and macOS
Version: 1.0 (2013-09-11)
Programming language: C

Decodes Garmin TRK Subfiles

Parsetrk is a tool to convert Garmin's TRK Subfiles files to OSM, or CSV format. It is written in portable manner and should compile and run on most systems as long as the are based on a Little Endian CPU (such as Intel). It is written on Linux and currently only tested on Linux.

Parsetrk reads TRK data from standard input and outputs the tracks in OSM, or CSV format to stdout. Use the command line option -f csv to change the output format to CSV. OSM is the default format. The following command shows how to run it.

parsetrk < USERDATA.TRK > track.osm

The source code can be downloaded at [1]. Download and unpack it and type `make` to compile it.


Please note that TRK files usually do not exist as standalone files. The Garmin chartplotters store the tracks in ADM files which are archives for a set of subfiles. Thus, the ADM file has to be split into separate files (such as USERDATA.TRK) before Parsetrk can be used. The split ADM files you may use the tool Splitimg. See there for further information.