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The Pennsylvania Railroad was one of the major freight and passenger railroads in the northeast U.S. until 1968, and is now split between CSX and Norfolk Southern. Lines formerly operated by it or a subsidiary should be tagged old_railway_operator=PRR in addition to railway=rail (if still in use) or railway=abandoned.

See for a chronology (which may have some errors) of lines constructed by the PRR and predecessors, compiled by the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1915-18.

Below is a list (roughly complete) of ex-PRR lines, approximately separated by divisions as they existed at the time the RDBR codes were assigned (ca. 1970), with mapping status.

Philadelphia Division

Name (1940 list or 1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
Amboy Branch (main) 1125 Morris Camden complete relation 1384270
1169 Minson fairly recent (Pennsauken Industrial Track)
Petty's Island Branch 1167 Beideman Petty's Island complete relation 1384033 opened 1918
Camden and Burlington County Railway 1162 Pavonia Pemberton complete relation 1384274
Mount Holly and Medford Branch Medford Junction Medford complete relation 1384036
Burlington and Mount Holly Branch Mt. Holly Burlington complete relation 1384034 abandoned 1924?
Vincentown Branch Ewansville Vincentown complete relation 1384012 abandoned 1927
Pennsylvania and Atlantic Railroad Kinkora New Lisbon complete relation 1384268 abandoned early east of Lewistown
Pennsylvania and Atlantic Railroad Birmingham Bay Head complete relation 1384284
Brown's Mills Branch Brown's Mills Junction Brown's Mills complete relation 1384041 abandoned 1925?
Island Heights Branch Island Heights Junction Island Heights complete relation 1384018 abandoned 1934
(Philadelphia and Beach Haven Railroad) Manahawken Beach Haven complete relation 1384287 abandoned 1935
(Barnegat Railroad) Barnegat City Junction Barnegat City complete relation 1384275 abandoned 1923?
(main) 1101 Holmesburg Junction Frankford Junction complete relation 1402781
(main) 1175 Frankford Junction Kensington
Bustleton Branch 1172 Holmesburg Junction Bustleton complete relation 1402610
Kensington and Tacony Branch 1173 Tacony Kensington
(main) 1101 Frankford Junction West Philadelphia complete relation 1402781
Delaware River Railroad and Bridge Company 1127/1103 Frankford Junction Jersey Tower complete relation 1384265
Delaware River Railroad and Bridge Company 1127 Jersey Tower West Haddonfield complete relation 1384265
Branch No. 1 117A/1103 Jersey Tower Fish House complete relation 1384032
Branch No. 2 Delair Morris complete relation 1384022
Frankford Street Branch 1174 Ontario Street
Westmoreland Street Branch Ontario Street
Delaware Avenue Branch 1178 Kensington Dock Street Freight Station
Commerce Street Branch Kensington
Canal Street Branch Shackamaxon
Oxford Road Branch 1181 Oxford Road complete relation 1402609
Fairhill Branch 1182 Fairhill
Stifftown Branch North Philadelphia
Chestnut Hill Branch 1128 North Philadelphia Chestnut Hill complete relation 1402606
Midvale Branch 1184 Midvale complete relation 2911247
Fort Washington Branch 1185 Allen Lane Fort Hill complete relation 1402605
Engelside Branch 1183/1103 Engelside complete relation 1402607
(wye) 1136 Zoo
Belmont Branch 1137 Belmont West Philadelphia complete relation 1402608
? 1139 Zoo
West Philadelphia Elevated Branch West Philadelphia FIXME: where was the New York-Wilmington Connection?
Delaware Extension 1143 West Philadelphia Dock Street Freight Station
(wye) 1140 Arsenal
? 1142 West Philadelphia
Girard Point Branch 1144 Philadelphia
Swanson Street Branch 1179 Philadelphia
Washington Avenue Branch Gray's Ferry Philadelphia
32nd Street Branch 1132 West Philadelphia
(main) 1102 Philadelphia Parkesburg complete relation 1402777
Schuylkill Branch 1129 West Philadelphia Pottsville Junction complete relation 1402611
Phoenixville Branch 1152 Phoenixville Devault complete relation 1402708
Royersford Branch Royersford
Court Street Branch Reading
Schuylkll Branch (main) Pottsville Junction New Boston Junction complete relation 1402611
Minersville Branch Pottsville Lytle
Shenandoah Branch Frackville Shenandoah
Gilberton Branch Gilberton
Girardville Branch William Penn Colliery
Morea Branch Morea Morea Colliery
Pencoyd Branch
West Chester Branch Frazer West Chester complete relation 1402727
Trenton Branch 1121 Fallsington Glen Loch complete relation 1402593
Swedeland Branch Swedeland
Philadelphia and Thorndale Branch 1122 Thorndale complete relation 1394846
Phoenixville Branch 1131 Glen Loch Devault complete relation 1402708
New Holland Branch Chester Valley Intersection Honey Brook complete relation 1424658
Coatesville Branch Pomeroy
Pomeroy Branch Pomeroy Newark complete relation 1424839 cut back to Chatham 1936-43
Octoraro Branch 1130 West Philadelphia Wawa
Newtown Square Branch 1186 Fernwood Newtown Square complete relation 1798066
Cardington Branch Millbourne Mills
Wawa Branch 1130 Wawa West Chester
(main) 1101 West Philadelphia Darby complete relation 1405499
60th Street Branch 1147 West Philadelphia
Chester & Philadelphia Branch 1146 West Philadelphia Hog Island

Chesapeake Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 1201 Darby Landover complete relation 1405499
(main) 1211 Landover Washington complete relation 1405499
(main) 1201 Washington South End Long Bridge complete relation 1405499
Chester & Philadelphia Branch 1246?? 1250?? Hog Island
Lamokin Run Branch Chester
South Chester Branch Chester Marcus Hook
Linwood Branch 1249 Marcus Hook
Claymont Branch 1251 Marcus Hook
Shellpot Branch 1221 Edge Moor
Edge Moor Branch 1252 Edge Moor
Brandywine Branch 1263 Wilmington
West Wilmington Branch 1270
Delaware Branch 1229 New Castle
Delaware Branch 1228 New Castle Porter
Delaware Branch/(main) 1223 Porter Delmar
(main) 1272 Delmar Cape Charles
Centreville Branch Townsend Centreville
Chestertown Branch Massey Chestertown
Worton Nicholson abandoned 1910
Smyrna Branch Clayton Smyrna
Oxford Branch 1233 Clayton Oxford
Delaware, Maryland and Virginia Railroad 1235 Harrington Georgetown
Delaware, Maryland and Virginia Railroad 1236 Georgetown Franklin City
Milton Branch Denton Lewes abandoned 1935 except Ellendale-Milton
Rehoboth Branch 1275 Georgetown Rehoboth
Cambridge Branch 1240 Seaford Cambridge
Crisfield Branch 1242 King's Creek Crisfield
Cape Charles Branch Cape Charles Kiptopeke
Little Creek Branch Norfolk
Baltimore and Eastern Railroad 1239 Ocean City Easton portions abandoned 1937-38
McDaniel Branch Easton Claiborne cut back to McDaniel 1937-38
Mill Street Branch 1267 Salisbury
Denton Branch Denton Queen Anne
Baltimore and Eastern Railroad Queen Anne Love Point
Queenstown Centreville abandoned 1937-38
Rodney Frenchtown abandoned 1859
New Castle Cut-off New Castle
Newark & Delaware City Branch 1223 Newark Porter
Newark & Delaware City Branch 1230 Porter Delaware City
Elkton & Middletown Track Elkton
Havre de Grace Branch 1255 Havre de Grace
Columbia & Port Deposit Branch 1322 Safe Harbor Perryville
Perryville Branch 1254 Frenchtown Principio
Chester Creek Branch Chester Lenni
Octoraro Branch Wawa Rock
Brandywine Summit abandoned 1922
1259 Bay View Yard Sparrows Point
President Street Branch 1257 Bay View Baltimore complete relation 1405978
Claremont Branch 1258 Baltimore complete relation 1406649
Catonsville Short Line Railroad Loudon Park Catonsville complete relation 1406648
Fort George G. Meade Branch Odenton Fort George G. Meade
Pope's Creek Branch 1225 Bowie Pope's Creek
Magruder Branch 1201 Landover Washington
Rosslyn Connecting Railroad 1262 South End Long Bridge Rosslyn
(main) 1224 Baltimore state line
Union Railroad Baltimore
Sparrows Point Branch 1260 Point Breeze Sparrow's Point
Green Spring Branch Hollins

Harrisburg Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 1302 Parkesburg Marysville complete relation 1402777
New Holland Branch 1333 Conestoga Honey Brook complete relation 1424658
Atglen & Susquehanna Branch 1323 Parkesburg Wago Junction relation 2287575
York Haven Line 1325 Wago Junction Dauphin cut back to Marysville very early
Enola Branch West Fairview Marysville
(wye) 1326 Marysville
Quarryville Branch Lancaster Quarryville
Lebanon Branch Conewago Lebanon
Lake Conewago Branch Colebrook
North Lebanon Branch Lebanon
East Lebanon Branch Lebanon
(old line) 1303 Lancaster
Columbia Branch 1327 Dillerville Royalton
Steelton Canal Branch Harrisburg
Cumberland Valley Branch 1331 Harrisburg Winchester
Dillsburg Branch Dillsburg Junction Dillsburg
Waynesboro Branch Chambersburg Waynesboro
South Penn Branch 1343 Marion Richmond
Mercersburg Branch Mercersburg Junction Mercersburg
(main) state line York
(main) 1332 York Wago Junction
York Branch 1340 Columbia York
York, Hanover and Frederick Railway York Frederick
Union Bridge Branch Keymar Union Branch
Rockville Branch 1314 Rockville Dauphin complete relation 1401136
(main) 1314 Dauphin Montandon complete relation 1401136
Lykens Valley Railroad Millersburg Williamstown
Lewistown Branch 1346 Paxtonville Selinsgrove Junction complete relation 2161993
(main) Sunbury Wilkes-Barre complete relation 1399769
Glen Lyon Branch Glen Lyon
West Nanticoke Branch Nanticoke West Nanticoke
Shamokin Valley and Pottsville Railroad 1347 Sunbury Mount Carmel
Lancaster Branch Colonial Colliery
Scott Branch 1349 Brady Kulpmont
Green Ridge Branch Sagon Junction
Richards' Colliery Branch Dragondale Colliery
Fagely Branch Susquehanna Collieries Company
Montelius Branch 1351 Mount Carmel
Catawissa Branch Tomhicken Catawissa complete relation 2193307 cut back to Scotch Valley in 1940
Nescopeck Branch Rock Glen Nescopeck complete relation 2193308
Bellefonte Branch Montandon Coburn
Laurelton Branch Rutherton Laurelton State Village opened 1927

New Jersey Division

(some of the Trenton-area lines changed divisions right around the time the RDBR codes were being assigned, leading to some inconsistencies in those codes)

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(PT&T) 1411 Harold Penn Station complete relation 1402781
(PT&T) 1401 Penn Station Kearny complete relation 1402781
(main) Jersey City Kearny complete relation 1402782
(main) 1401 Kearny Holmesburg Junction complete relation 1402781
Hudson Street Track 1440 Jersey City "Sidings on Hudson and Essex Streets"
Harsimus Branch 1420 Harsimus Junction Harsimus Cove complete relation 1384027
Passaic Branch 1421 Meadows Newark complete relation 1384028
Lister Branch complete relation 1384286
Meadows Branch No. 1 1434 South Kearny complete relation 1384035
Meadows Branch No. 2 1434 South Kearny complete relation 1384038
Centre Street Branch 1431 Newark relation 1384025
Newark-Colonia Connecting Tracks South Elizabeth Rahway
Harrison Branch 1432? complete relation 1384024
(Harrison and East Newark Railroad) 1438 complete relation 1384269
New York Bay Railroad 1422 West Newark Junction Greenville relation 1384290
West Newark Branch West Newark Junction West Newark complete relation 1384020
Line to Perth Amboy (PA&WRR) 1423 Perth Amboy Junction Perth Amboy complete relation 1384267
Bonhamtown Branch 1433 Metuchen Nixon complete relation 1384026
Millstone Branch 1428 Millstone Junction East Millstone complete relation 1384014
1430 County Adams
Kingston Branch Monmouth Junction Kingston complete relation 1384019
Rocky Hill Railroad and Transportation Company Kingston Rocky Hill complete relation 1384262
Princeton Branch Princeton Junction Princeton complete relation 1384037
Trenton Branch 1121 Morrisville Fallsington complete relation 1402593
Bristol Branch 1471 Bristol
Amboy Branch (main) 1425 South Amboy Jamesburg complete relation 1384270
Amboy Branch (main) 1437 Jamesburg Windsor complete relation 1384270
Amboy Branch (main) 1125 Windsor Morris complete relation 1384270
Jamesburg Branch 1426 Jamesburg Monmouth Junction complete relation 1384021
Freehold and Jamesburg Agricultural Railroad 1427 Jamesburg Sea Girt complete relation 1384288
Bordentown Branch 1126 Bordentown Trenton complete relation 1384031
Florence Branch 1466 Florence Florence Pipe Foundry & Machine Company complete relation 1384015
Belvidere Delaware Railroad 1124 Trenton Manunka Chunk complete relation 1384273
Millham Branch 1455 Trenton complete relation 1384030
South Trenton Branch 1457 Trenton complete relation 1384013
Enterprise Branch Trenton complete relation 1384039
Flemington Branch Flemington Junction Flemington complete relation 1384023
1460 Roxburg
Martin's Creek Branch 1459/1124 Martins Creek complete relation 1384042

Allegheny Division

(some of these near Irvona may have been in the Williamsport Division)

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 2102 Marysville Altoona complete relation 1402777
Milroy Branch 2126 Lewistown Milroy complete relation 2161994
Lewistown Branch 2127 Lewistown Paxtonville complete relation 2161993
Petersburg Branch 2122 Petersburg New Portage Junction complete (relation 9537559)
Clover Creek Branch Basalt Trap Rock Company complete relation 1872774
Springfield Branch Ganister Oreminea complete relation 1872773
Canoe Creek Branch Harbison-Walker Refractories Company No. 2
Crissman Branch Quaker Sales Corporation
Fairbrook Branch Tyrone Scotia cut back to Fairbrook in 1923? and Stover in 1927
Bald Eagle Branch 2121 Tyrone Mill Hall complete relation 3653924
Snow-Shoe Branch Snow-Shoe Intersection Per Se
Fountain Branch Fountain abandoned by 1940
Sugar Camp Branch J. H. France Refractories Company No. 2
Big Sandy Branch abandoned by 1940
Grauer Branch Clarence Colliery
Bellefonte Branch 2125 Milesburg Coburn
(Bellefonte Central Railroad) 2125 Bellefonte State College
Mount Eagle Howard abandoned by 1940
(Tipton Railroad) Tipton abandoned 1927?
Bellwood Branch Bellwood Blandburg partly abandoned by 1945?
Hollidaysburg Branch 2122 Altoona New Portage Junction complete (relation 9537560)
Morrison's Cove Branch 2128 Hollidaysburg Henrietta complete relation 9537573 cut back to Curry in 1937?
Bloomfield Branch Roaring Spring Ore Hill
Martinsburg Branch 2134 Martinsburg Junction Martinsburg complete relation 9537574
Bedford Branch 2129 Brookes Mills State Line
Cessna Holderbaum abandoned 1919
Mt. Dallas Branch 2130 Dunning's Creek Junction Mt. Dallas
(main) 2102 Altoona Conpitt Junction complete relation 1402777
New Portage Branch 2123 New Portage Junction East End Tunnel complete (relation 9537558)
Cresson Branch 2135 Cresson Bradley Junction
Cresson Branch 2335 Bradley Junction Fordham
Black Lick Branch 2137/4040 Ebensburg Junction Black Lick
Coal Pit Run Branch Twin Rocks Cardiff Colliery No. 1
Shuman Run Branch Vinton Colliery No. 2
Rexis Branch 2139 Vintondale Rexis
Susquehanna Extension 2136 Bradley Junction Cherry Tree
Luther Branch Reed Colliery No. 1
Sterling Branch 2167 Sterling Colliery No. 1
Lantzy Branch abandoned by 1940
Walnut Run Branch 2168 Barnesboro Spangler Colliery
Porter Run Branch Barnesboro Lancashire Collieries Nos. 2 & 3 and Porter Colliery No. 1
Gardner Run Branch
Moss Creek Branch 2171 Pennsylvania Collieries Nos. 5 & 6
Patton Branch No. 2 2173 Patton
Patton Branch No. 3
Patton Branch No. 1 Patton Flanigan Colliery No. 9
Patton Branch No. 4 abandoned by 1940
Hastings Branch 2375 Lanark Colliery No. 1
La Jose Branch 2176 La Jose Ames
McGees Branch 2178 McGees
Glen Campbell Branch 2182 Glen Campbell
Burnside Branch Cush Creek Junction abandoned by 1940
McCoy Run Branch 2383 Lampke Colliery No. 1
Brady Run Branch
Horton Run Branch?? abandoned by 1940
Suter Branch
Mahaffey Branch 2377?? McGees Mahaffey
Bear Run Branch 2179 Superior Colliery No. 1
Hillman Branch 2180 Hillman
Elk Run Branch Anita Colliery No. 1
Anita Branch abandoned by 1940
Irvona Branch 2155 Cresson Irvona
Stevens Branch Condron Laurel Run Colliery No. 2
Beaver Dam Branch Flinton
Hegarty Branch Coalport Oakland Colliery No. 2
Mayes Branch Irvona Mahaffey cut to Berwindale by 1945?
South Witmer Branch
Bellwood Branch Irvona Blandburg
Pine Run Branch Irvona
Fallen Timber Branch Glasgow
Stroud Branch Blandburg Hughes Colliery No. 3
Lilly Branch 2148 Lilly Lilly Colliery No. 3
Ben's Creek Branch 2149 Ben's Creek Valley Colliery
Martin Branch Portage Penker Colliery No. 1
Sonman Branch 2150 Penker Colliery No. 2
Summerhill Branch 2147 Summerhill
South Fork Branch 2141 Jennings Colliery No. 1
Beaver Branch 2144 Lovett Burkett Colliery No. 1
Llanfair Branch Lovett Henriette Colliery No. 2 and Jennings Colliery No. 2
Paint Creek Branch 2142 Eureka Colliery No. 30
Eureka Branch No. 37 2146 Eureka Colliery No. 37
Shade Creek Branch 2143
Reitz Branch
Windber Branch 2145 Eureka Colliery No. 42
Johnstown Branch 2152 Conemaugh Johnstown
Sang Hollow Extension 2111 Sheridan Conpitt Junction relation 7344447

Pittsburgh Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 2202 Conpitt Junction Pittsburgh complete relation 1402777
Bolivar Branch Bolivar
New Florence Branch New Florence
Bradenville Branch Atlantic Colliery
(Ligonier Valley Railroad) 2299 Latrobe
Unity Branch 2285 Latta
Lippincott Branch Hostetter
Whitney Branch
Alexandria Branch New Alexandria
Jamison Branch Lennodo
Dundale Branch New Alexandria Dundale
Jackvale Branch abandoned by 1940
South-west Branch 2216 South-west Junction County Home
South-west Branch 2217 County Home Uniontown
South-west Branch 2260 Uniontown Fairchance
Radebaugh Branch 2218 County Home Radebaugh
Hempfield Branch 2268 Cowansburg
Andrews Run Branch
Sewickley Branch 2271 Youngwood United Coal & Coke Company
Boyer Run Branch Carpenter Coal & Coke Company
Brinker Run Branch E. I. DuPont DeNemours & Co. No. 1
Mammoth Branch Shoup Mammoth
Bessemer Branch 2274 Humphrey
Marguerite Branch 2275 Pleasant Unity Marguerite Colliery
Hunker Branch Hunker Hunker Sand & Stone Company
Yukon Branch 2267 Hunker Cowansburg
Whyel Branch
Hunter Run Branch Osborne Colliert
Youghiogheny Branch Cowansburg Gratztown
Tarr Branch 2266 Ruffsdale Central Colliery
Stonerville Branch Alverton abandoned by 1940
Scottdale Branch 2265 Scottdale Mt. Pleasant
Morewood Branch Morewood abandoned by 1940
Schoonmaker Branch abandoned by 1940
Everson & Broad Ford Branch Scottdale Summit
Opossum Run Branch 2263 Connellsville
Mahoning Branch abandoned by 1940
Dunbar Branch Dunbar
Coal Lick Run Branch 2262 Newcomer
Rainey Branch Rainey Junction South Union Colliery No. 1
Fairchance Branch Fairchance Kyle Works
Wynn Branch
Oliphant Branch R. B. Hays Coal Company
Brush Creek Branch 2289 Caplan Iron & Steel Company
Bull Run Branch 2290 Jeannette Elliott Company
Jeannette Branch 2282 Jeannette Pennsylvania Rubber Company
Manor Branch 2281 Manor Claridge
Youghiogheny Branch 2280 Shafton Cowansburg cut back to Cereal by 1945?
Turtle Creek Branch 2277 Trafford complete (relation 9530325)
Lyons Run Branch Saunders complete (relation 7832338)
Essler Branch
East Pittsburgh Branch 2276 Trafford Edgar Thomson Steel Works complete (relation 9530323)
East Pittsburgh Branch Connection 2276 Wilmerding complete (relation 9530324)
Port Perry Branch 2219 Turtle Creek Port Perry complete (relation 4471133)
Brilliant Branch 2226 East Liberty Aspinwall relation 7252529
Duquesne Way Elevated Branch Pittsburgh
(main) 2220 Pittsburgh West Brownsville
(main) 2257/8002 West Brownsville Millsboro
Whitehall Branch 2250 Pittsburgh South Side
Axle Works Branch 2251 Hays
Streets Run Branch Mesta Machine Company No. 2
McKeesport Branch South Duquesne McKeesport
Peters Creek Branch 2253 Peters Creek Piney Fork Colliery
Ellsworth Branch 2254 Monongahela
Cokeburg Branch 2255 Ellsworth Cokeburg
Ontario Branch Cokeburg Ontario
Redstone Branch 2258 West Brownsville Junction Redstone Junction
Grindstone Branch Grindstone Royal
Keister Branch Keister Junction Helen Collier No. 1 and Lincoln Colliery
Vance Mill Branch Vance Mill Junction Bute
Bute Run Branch
Indiana Branch 2240 Torrance Indiana
Blairsville Branch Blairsville
Tearing Run Branch Graceton
Yellow Creek Branch Homer City Appalacha Coal Company
(main) 2211 Conpitt Junction Pittsburgh North Side relation 4471492
Black Legs Creek Branch Saltsburg abandoned by 1940
Avonmore Branch 2286 Avonmore
Apollo Branch 2241 Foster Collieries Nos. 4 & 5
Leechburg North Side Branch Leechburg abandoned by 1940
Butler Branch 2243 Butler Junction Butler
Winfield Railroad 2287 Winfield Junction West Winfield
Bailey's Run Branch 2292 Creighton McFetridge Brothers Brick Company
Allegheny Branch 2229 Pittsburgh Red Bank relation 9531385
Brilliant Branch 2228 Nadine
Plum Creek Branch 2296 Verona Renton Junction
Indian Run Branch 2288 Logan's Ferry New Kensington
Pucketa Branch Parnassus
Schenley Branch 2242 Schenley Park Colliery
(main) 2202 Pittsburgh Homewood Junction complete (relation 9516050)
Economy Branch 22EE Baden
Economy Branch Extension 22DD/4021 Ambridge Baden opened after 1945
Block House Run Branch 22FF/4022 New Brighton
North Rochester Branch 2233 Rochester New Brighton
Marginal Branch 22JJ Beaver Falls
Oil Street Branch 22HH Beaver Falls
(main) 2230 Rochester Yellow Creek relation 2239130
(wye track) 2232 Yellow Creek
(main)/River Branch 2231 Yellow Creek Bellaire
Wheeling Terminal Branch 2236 Martin's Ferry Benwood
POV&C RR 2231 Bellaire Powhatan extended to Omal after 1945
Wegee Branch Wegee Zanesville almost entirely abandoned 1928-31
Captina Spur 2237 opened 1953
Beaver Valley Branch 22GG Vanport
(main) 2206 Pittsburgh Dennison complete (relation 9513808)
Ohio Connecting Railway 2223 Esplen
East Leg of Wye 2224
Duffs Branch 2221 Esplen Rosslyn
Rosslyn Connection 2221 Rosslyn Wagner
Junction No. 1 Connection 22KK Rosslyn Carnegie
Sheridan Branch 2221 Elliott Esplen
Corliss Branch 2222 Esplen Corliss
Superior Siding 22BB Carnegie
Chartiers Branch 2244 Carnegie Washington relation 8013859
Bridgeville & McDonald Branch 2246 Bridgeville
Miller's Run Extension Cecil Bishop
Westland Branch Houston Westland
Palanka Branch Houston Palanka
(Tylerdale Connecting Railroad) 22CC Washington Tylerdale
(Waynesburg and Washington Railroad) Washington Waynesburg complete (relation 9475481)
Burgetts Branch 2247 Burgetts Burgettstown
Langeloth Branch 2249 Valear Studa
Hickory Branch 2248 Burgettstown Cherry Valley
New Cumberland Branch 2234 Weirton Junction Kobuta extended from Chester to Kobuta in 1942
Wheeling Branch 2235 Weirton Junction Benwood
Cadiz Branch 2238 Cadiz Junction Cadiz
2239 Georgetown Junction Georgetown opened after 1945

Williamsport Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 2314 Montandon Allen's complete relation 1401136
(main) 2316 Allen's Nisbet complete relation 1401136
(main) 2314 Nisbet Emporium complete relation 1401136
(main) 2315 Emporium Elm relation 9534159
Low Grade Branch 2324 Driftwood Red Bank complete (relation 9534107)
Penfield Branch Penfield
Brookville Branch 2398 Brookville
Sligo Branch 2326 Lawsonham Sligo complete (relation 9534108)
Bostonia Branch New Bethlehem abandoned by 1940
Ridgway Branch 2325 Ridgway Falls Creek complete (relation 9534109)
Johnsonburg Railroad Johnsonburg Clermont abandoned 1928
Straight Creek Branch Straight Station abandoned 1903
10th Street Branch Erie
Berwick Branch 2331 Watsontown Berwick
Millville Branch 2332 Eyersgrove Junction Millville
Williamsport & Linden Branch 2314 Allen's Nisbet
Canal Branch Williamsport
Williamsport Lumber Branch Williamsport
Elmira Branch 2317 Williamsport Southport relation 1401133
Elmira Branch 2318 Chemung Junction Stanley complete relation 1401133
Elmira Branch 2333 Stanley Canandaigua complete relation 1401133
Canandaigua Lake Branch Canandaigua Canandaigua Lake complete relation 1401138
Sodus Bay Branch 2319/4819 Stanley Sodus Point complete relation 1401139
Marion Branch 4854 Newark Marion complete relation 1139589 former Marion Railway, acquired 1931
Newberry Branch Newberry
Bald Eagle Branch 2321 Mill Hall Lock Haven complete relation 3653924
Tangascootac Branch Queen's Run North Fork abandoned by 1940
Clearfield Branch 2348 Vail Grampian
Osceola Branch Osceola Mills Ghem Colliery No. 1
Moshannon Branch 2385 Osceola Mills Creekside Colliery
Trout Run Branch 23MD Du Shan Collieries Nos. 2 & 3
Big Run Branch 23MA Daywood Colliery No. 1
Moshannon & Clearfield Branch 23MB Woodward Colliery No. 2
Beaver Branch Superior Colliery No. 1
Leskie Branch abandoned by 1940
Ednie Branch 23MG Ednie Colliery
Coal Run Branch 23ME Coal Run Junction Mease Colliery No. 2
Morgan Run Branch Pershing Colliery
Burley Branch 23MF Burley Colliery No. 1
Goss Run Branch No. 1 N/A Goss Run Junction
Goss Run Branch No. 2
Goss Run Branch No. 3 Lobb Colliery No. 1
Houtzdale Branch Houtzdale Lobb Colliery No. 1
Amesville Branch No. 1 23MG Amesville Junction
Amesville Branch No. 2 23MH Imperial Collieries Nos. 2 & 3
Amesville Branch No. 3
Kendrick Branch abandoned by 1940
Beulah Branch abandoned by 1940
Little Muddy Run Branch 23MI Clyde Colliery No. 28
Janesville Branch Black Oak Collieries Nos. 1 & 2
Muddy Run Branch 23MK Black Oak Colliery No. 3
Smoke Run Branch 23ML
Banian Branch 23MM Banian Junction Yorkshire Colliery
Betz Branch Belsena
Mapleton Branch No. 1 2386 Boynton Coaldale Colliery
Mapleton Branch No. 2 2387 Keystone Collieries Nos. 1, 2 & 3
Philipsburg Branch Philipsburg Loch Lomond Junction
Derby Branch Derby Junction Mulson Colliery
Graham Branch 2399 Graham
Graham Branch No. 2
Liveright Branch Leonard
Pennville Branch Grampian
East Brady Branch 2330 Red Bank part of old main line, bypassed 1916
Kennerdell Branch Kennerdell part of old main line?
(main) 2314 Emporium Gravity complete relation 1401136
Clermont Branch 2338 Larabee Clermont cut back to Crosby in 1944
2339 Corryville Farmers Valley ex-Pittsburgh, Shawmut and Northern Railroad, acquired 1947
Allegheny Branch 2329 Red Bank Oil City relation 9531385
Salamanca Branch 2328 Oil City Irvineton
Salamanca Branch 2347 Warren Kinzua
Salamanca Branch 2346 Kinzua Olean relation 1401135
Kinzua Branch Kinzua West Line
Morrison Gates abandoned 1927
Bradford Railroad Bradford gone by 1940; extended to New York state line until 1897 and Marshburg until 1906
Olean gone by 1940; extended to Pennsylvania state line very early
Rochester Branch 4835 Hinsdale Rochester complete relation 1401137
Nunda Branch Nunda Junction Nunda complete relation 1401134
Scottsville Branch Scottsville Garbutt complete relation 1401132 abandoned 1944
Rochester Terminal Branch Terminal Lincoln Park complete relation 1401130
Chautauqua Branch 2327 Oil City Buffalo relation 1401131 included second main track between Pioneer and Titusville (second line Titusville-Tryonville abandoned very early?)
Tryonville Union City cut back to Lakeville very early and abandoned 1908?

Valley Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 2402 Homewood Junction Bucyrus complete (relation 9516050)
South Canton Branch Canton
South Massillon Branch 2432? Massillon
Massillon & Cleveland Branch 2431 Massillon Junction Clinton
Walhonding Branch Loudonville Warsaw Junction cut back to South Loudonville (almost entirely abandoned) in 1943
Rocky Fork Branch Mansfield
(main) 2430 Yellow Creek Bayard relation 2239130
Canton-Bayard Branch 2430 Bayard Fairhope opened 1927?
(main) Dennison Columbus complete (relation 9513808)
Walhonding Branch Coshocton Warsaw Junction almost entirely abandoned in 1943
Zanesville Branch 8135 Trinway New Lexington
Zanesville Branch 8122 New Lexington Bremen 8122 is mostly ex-NYC
Zanesville Branch 8136 Bremen Morrow
Mill Run Branch Zanesville
(main) 2426 Bayard Alliance relation 2239130
(main) 2412 Alliance Twin relation 2239130
Tuscarawas Branch 2427 Bayard Roswell cut back to New Philadelphia in 1944
Dover Branch Dover
Brush Run Branch Magnolia Whitaker Greer Fireproofing Company No. 4
Strasburg Branch Dover Harwalk cut back to North American Refining Company in 1928
Marietta Branch 2428 Dover Marietta
Akron Branch 2421 Hudson Holmesville
Akron Branch 8137 Holmesville Columbus
Kramore Junction West Lebanon abandoned by 1940
Dresden Branch Killbuck Trinway cut back to Ayers Mineral Company in 1942
Howard Branch 8146 Howard Millwood
(main) 2433 New Brighton Wampum Junction
(main) 2423 Wampum Junction Niles Junction
(main) 2424 Detour Ashtabula Harbor
Kenwood Branch New Brighton
Bessemer Branch 2436 Coverts Walford
Canfield Branch 2462 Haselton
Alliance Branch 2425 Niles Junction Alliance Junction
(wye) 2437 Boanna
(Youngstown and Ravenna Railroad) 2415 Ravenna Niles?
2439 Soaptown Goodman Yard
Beaver Valley Branch 2422 Homewood Junction Wampum Junction
Mahoningtown Branch 2434 New Castle
(wye) 2438 Cross Cut Cherry Street
2452 Castle P&LE
(main) 2434 New Castle North Girard
Sharpsville Branch Sharpsville former Sharpsville Railroad, acquired 1931
New Castle Branch 2435 New Castle Stoneboro cut back to Houston Junction in 1938
Wilmington Branch Wilmington Junction New Wilmington former Sharpsville Railroad, acquired 1931
Wolf Creek Branch Leesburg Redmond cut back to Brent in 1928

Fort Wayne Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 3102 Bucyrus Valparaiso complete (relation 9516050)
(main) 3107 Union City Schererville
Richmond Branch 3122 Anoka
South Bend Branch 3131 Logansport Nutwood
(main) 3134 Clymers Logansport
(main) 3138 Ft. Wayne Kendallville
Butler Branch 3132 Logansport Columbia City
Butler Branch 3139 Columbia City Butler
Effner Branch Kenneth Effner
Ft. Wayne Branch 3135 Decatur Adams

Chicago Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
South Bend Branch 3224 Nutwood South Bend
(main) 3202 Valparaiso Chicago complete from Tolleston to Chicago (relation 9516050)
SL&IC Ry 3259 Clarke Junction Hammond complete CSX Barr Subdivision
Right of Way No. 2 3262 complete
Right of Way No. 1 3261 complete
Wolf Lake Branch Hammond complete
Hammond Branch 3254 Hammond Hegewisch complete
Right of Way No. 3 3255 complete
(main) 3246 Colehour Bernice complete
Calumet River Railway 3235 South Chicago Hegewisch complete
Cummings Branch South Chicago complete
(main) 3207 Schererville Chicago complete
Englewood Connecting Railway Branch 3236 Chicago complete

Cleveland Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 3512 Twin Cleveland relation 2239130
3537 Twin Crown built after 1945?
Kingsbury Branch Cleveland
Silver Plate Branch 3538 Cleveland
(main) 3515 Elm Erie relation 9534159

Toledo Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 3612 Toledo Junction Alexis
Water Street Branch 3649 Toledo
River Branch 3648 Toledo

Buffalo Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 4814 Gravity Buffalo complete relation 1401136
West Seneca Branch 4841 Ebenezer Buffalo complete relation 1401140
Ore Dock Extension Buffalo

Detroit Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 5232 Carleton Ecorse opened 1922
Highland Park Branch Detroit
Foreman Avenue Wye Branch 5252 Detroit Dearborn opened 1920?
Oakman Branch Dearborn opened 1920
West Belt Branch 5257 Dearborn Detroit opened 1920

Michigan Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 5338 Kendallville Mackinaw City
Muskegon Branch 5358 Muskegon Junction Muskegon
Missaukee Branch Missaukee Junction Veneer Junction
Lake City Branch Sandstown Junction Lake City
Veneer Branch Veneer Junction Falmouth
Traverse City Branch Walton Junction Traverse City
Harbor Springs Branch Kegomic Harbor Springs

Columbus Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 8106 Columbus Hilliards complete (relation 9515703)
(main) 8113 Columbus West Alton complete (relation 9513808)
Sandusky Branch 8152 Sandusky Columbus

Cincinnati Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 8213 West Alton Xenia complete (relation 9513808)
(main) 8221 Xenia Rendcomb Junction
(main) 8236 Rendcomb Junction Cincinnati
Dayton Branch 8214 Xenia New Paris relation 9513808
Lebanon Branch 8250 Cincinnati Lebanon
Lebanon Branch 8256 Lebanon Dayton
Blue Ash Montgomery abandoned 1933
Hempstead Branch 8255 Hempstead Clement
Springfield Branch 8249 Xenia Springfield
Middletown Branch 8251 Middletown Junction Middletown
Richmond Branch 8222 Rendcomb Junction Anoka
Ft. Wayne Branch 8233 Richmond Ridgeville
Ft. Wayne Branch 8234 Ridgeville Decatur
Muncie Branch 8350 Muncie Converse cut back to Matthews in 1934
(main) 8206 Hilliards Thorne relation 9515704, relation 9513808
(main) 8207 Bradford Union City

Indiana Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 8306 Thorne Bridgeport complete (relation 9513808)
8342 Thorne Hawthorne Yard
Main Line to Frankfort 8334 Davis Clermont opened 1918
Main Line to Frankfort 8372 Clermont Frankfort opened 1918
(main) 8334 Frankfort Clymers
Starch Works Branch Indianapolis
(main) 8338 Indianapolis Maywood
Vincennes Branch 8338 Maywood Vincennes
Greene County Coal Branch Bushrod
Columbia Branch Bicknell
Knox County Coal Branch Bicknell
(main) 8333 Indianapolis Louisville
Madison Branch 8339 Columbus Madison
Shelbyville Branch 8340 Dublin Junction Columbus
8351 Boyd Watson
New Albany Branch 8352 Jeffersonville New Albany
Kentucky Street Branch Louisville
Arbegust Street Branch Louisville

St. Louis Division

Name (1945 CT1000 if existed then) RDBR From To Status Notes
(main) 8406 Bridgeport East St. Louis complete (relation 9513808)
Centerpoint Branch Knightsville Centerpoint
Hadleytown Branch Brazil Hadleytown
Saline City Branch Brazil
Willow Creek Branch Seelyville main line until 1908?
Furnace Branch Brazil
Glen Ayr Branch Seelyville
Crawfordsville Branch 8434 Terre Haute Frankfort
Dewey Cut-off Dewey Terre Haute
Macksville North Branch West Terre Haute
Macksville South Branch West Terre Haute
Highland Mill Branch Highland
Troy Branch Collinsville St. Jacob main line until 1928; cut back to Troy by 1945?
Stock Yard Branch East St. Louis
Peoria Branch 8435 Terre Haute Peoria