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Flag of Penza.png  Coat of Arms of Penza (Penza oblast) (2001).png

Penza, Penza oblast, Russia

latitude: 53.2, longitude: 45
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Penza is a city in Penza oblast, Russia at latitude 53°12′00.00″ North, longitude 45°00′00.00″ East.

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The city is located 625 km south-east of Moscow and is the administrative centre of Penza Oblast.

The population of Penza (Russian: Пенза) is about 510 000.

The completeness of Penza map in OSM is about 50%. Almost all the streets are marked and named, the map of some districts is quite elaborate. The biggest problem for the further development is that there are still no appropriate vertical aerial photographs of Penza (the only ones that provides Google are restricted). There is a lot of work to do to make the map really good and your contribution could help a lot.

Penza OSM users try to give objects both Russian and English names to make the map useful for anyone, e.g. foreign tourists, students and businessmen. Please feel free to help with translation and mapping if you have some free time to do it.

You can also help by translating the Russian variant of this article into English.


Main article: RU:Пенза/встречи

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