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The remapping plan of Peru (AKA Missing Maps) is to motivate in addition of roads and streets in this country without copyrighted data form third parties, especially cities and roads from Costa and Sierra regions. To complete and review the affected areas, we use OSM Tasking Manager, courtesy of Openstreetmap Colombia.


The DWG has received a notification of copyright infringement, alleging that some data has been copied to OpenStreetMap, affecting Peru.

6 or 7 years ago, the user TELECOM IP made an import of private data, those imports was made in around 28 cities of Peru. TELECOM IP could not verify the origin and the license of the data, so the company Guiacalles that registered the claim, showed that the data came from them (using, among other methods, some  trap streets ).

The imported OSM data were analyzed and verified by DWG and they decided to do the redaction -, which should finish in 2 weeks. So far there are many places affected.

Source: @piligab from Github


  • Start date: February of 2018
  • End date: March of 2018

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