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OpenStreetMap related services provided by Filipino volunteers and institutions. Please contact individually for more information about specific services. For other OSM related consulting service available in other countries, check this list.


A list of volunteers and organizations providing OSM training.

Name Institution (URL) Email OSM username Geographic area

Mark Cupitt markwaresoftware at gmail dot com Mark_Cupitt Negros
Ervin Malicdem Schadow1 Expeditions schadow1 at schadow1 Philippines
Erwin Olario ngnuity Zoluciónez erwin at ngnuity dot net GOwin Anywhere! (depending on availability)
Irene F. Picache DOST-Project NOAH irene.picache at irenepicache Region 3
Maning Sambale emmanuel.sambale at maning Philippines
Leonard Soriano banito_pinoy at yahoo dot com banito_pinoy Cordillera Area

Resources for trainors