Photo Mapping with the Drift HD Helmet Camera

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Page Currently under construction (Jan 2013)


Drift (2013) make three helmet cameras. These are primarily designed for videoing but they all have timelapse and single photo modes. The cameras do not have a GPS but the photos are time stamped and can therefore be imported into editors such as JOSM for Photo Mapping. The cameras use a microSD card up to 32 GB (Ghost-S: 64 GB). This has to be purchased separately, make sure the card meets Drift's SD Card Recommendations for speed.

Drift image.png

What's in the Box

  • Camera
  • Curved and Flat sticky mounts
  • Strap mount (i.e. goggles)
  • Additional back plate with ports for external mike & USB
  • USB charging cable


  • LCD screen for preview.
  • Removable battery.

Very Good

  • Remote control. Start/Stop timelapse or for taking single photos.

(This is a simple RF unit. Top of the range models now seem to support wifi and have apps for smart phones and tablets. Nice (expensive) but not necessary, given the LCD screen. )

Not So Good

  • Weight. (You can certainly feel it when it is attached to the side of a cycle helmet!)
  • Battery Life (2-2.5 hrs. This is not bad for this type of product but wouldn't support a full day out. The battery is removable so spares can be taken.)

Example Pictures

A simple suction mount enables you to position the camera in the car to take pictures. It should be possible to mount the camera on the top of the car for a better image but it would be advisable to attach it with a safety rope.

Drift in window.png

The image below was taken in January in the UK in the morning using the above mount. Images were being taken every 2 seconds. The camera was set to low light and action. In the original 5M image you can read the road name sign. The camera has a wide angle lens so you can see the distortion in the bus stop sign post.

Example drift image 3.png