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Poltava, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine

latitude: 49.5894, longitude: 34.5511
Browse map of Poltava 49°35′21.84″ N, 34°33′03.96″ E
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Poltava is a city in Poltava Oblast, Ukraine at latitude 49°35′21.84″ North, longitude 34°33′03.96″ East.

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Aerial Imagery coverage

Bing aerial imaginery is available for the whole of Poltava and surrounding region. We can work with the imagery by using Potlach 2, JOSM or Merkaartor.

But keep in mind that Bing images for Poltava are quite old. For now (13:08, 13 May 2012 (BST)) they were taken in 2007. You should be familiar with the area because some old objects had disappeared and created new ones.

You must calibrate the aerial images using GPS tracks. If you are using JOSM, check images date with context menu "Show Tile Info" and then fix offset, or even better - make bookmark according to values in following table.

Year of image JOSM offset
2007 (Poltava) -29.37; 0.00
2010 -21.09; 2.26
2011 -2.65; 2.00

People mapping in Poltava

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