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30-second overview

Potlatch comprises two main parts:

  • the Flash client, written in ActionScript 1, which runs on your browser;
  • the server API, written in Ruby, which does all the database interaction.

It's all open source - the code is public domain, and it's compiled with the LGPL Ming library. Patches are welcome!

ActionScript 1 is a simple language that anyone with scripting experience can pick up. If you want to hack on Potlatch, you should first familiarise yourself with its UI, and make sure you fully understand OSM's nodes, ways and tags.

Five-minute overview

For more information, read the five-minute overview.

Technical reference

On this site



All files are public domain and written by Richard Fairhurst, except for:

  • Relations code by Dave Stubbs - thanks!
  • Additional patches by Thomas Wood.
  • ymap.swf contains a component from Yahoo Flash API, subject to Yahoo's licence terms
  • swfobject.js is by Geoff Stearns and is MIT-licensed
  • The warning beep is from freesound.org and is by acclivity (CC-SamplingPlus)