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Potlatch 2 should be able to show the "status" of a particular entity, fetched from a separate API.

It might work something like this:

  • The Connection issues its usual /map call (or equivalent) and receives the result as normal
  • It then calls the Connection's Status API (user-configurable) to ask for the status of all new entities
  • The result is parsed and each entity.status is set
  • MapCSS can then render entities differently depending on _status or :status or something

The user will typically specify the Status API for a given Connection in the VectorSourceDialog, but it could also be set through single-purpose UI (e.g. a checkbox in Options might say "check licence status", which would set WTFE for the default layer), or through flashvars.

<peter_miller> Use cases </peter_miller>

  • WTFE
  • Import servers