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When you have a version of potlatch2 that you want to officially release, do the following:

  • Change the version string in version.as.template
  • Commit that change
  • Add an annotated tag with "git tag -a 0.5" with 0.5 replaced by the relevant version number (see below for more)
  • run "git describe" and it should show the new build number, which starts with the new version number
  • run "ant release" and check that everything is definitely OK :-)
  • "git push --tags" to share the tag - tags aren't pushed by default.

That's it, a new release. Start working on the soon-to-be-needed point release!


  • "git tag" tags the most recent change, by default. You can specify a particular commit by doing "git tag -a 0.5 abcd12" if you need to.
  • You can, if you like, GPG sign the tag with "git tag -s 0.5", but that's not hugely important for us.
  • Things might change in the future, since there's some duplication now between the version.as.template and the git tags. But that's low priority.
  • Remember that if you change the git tags or version template, you need to use ant rather than just fcsh for it to take effect