Potters Bar

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Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

latitude: 51.697, longitude: -0.19
Browse map of Potters Bar 51°41′49.20″ N, 0°11′24.00″ W
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Potters Bar
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Potters Bar is a town in Hertfordshire at latitude 51°41′49.20″ North, longitude 0°11′24.00″ West.

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A customised version of the map can be seen at the Dame Alice Owen's School website:
The creation process for this special map was as follows:

  • Osmarender 3 used to create SVG file from the database. Specifically designed for 645px width display (to also fit printed A4 page output).
  • The standard Osmarender rules file was edited to:
    • give appropriate road widths and casings for planned size
    • lettering sizes adjusted to fit these new widths
    • the tone for residential areas darkened
  • The resulting SVG file was imported into Inkscape, so as to:
    • Remove - clashing/small road names; some peripheral road detail
    • Change - feature names to bolder (golf, park, Tesco, etc); position of 2 logos and scale bar
    • Add - credit line; school (block and name); 2 oneway arrows; and junction number for M25
  • The Inkscape file was saved as PNG and converted to JPG for web use.