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Available languages — Project of the week/2010/Jun 20
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This week's project: "Now You Are Speaking My Language"

There are OpenStreetMap contributors in many countries. They map many roads and speak many languages. The Project of the Week is to translate countries, states, provinces and cities for as many languages as possible. This means that single language maps will be practical in more languages. Perhaps we'll never have OpenStreetMap rendered in the original Klingon, or perhaps we'll have that before we complete the country translation in Cymraeg

So calling all multi-lingual OpenStreetMap contributors, or uni-lingual OpenStreetMappers and your multi-lingual friends and family. Come one, came all and make the map better for more people.

The Multilingual Country List will help you find languages that you know and tell you haw many countries in OSM are already translated.

For example:

Cymraeg is shown as translated for 204 of 226 countries or 90% complete. ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ / inuktitut is shown as translated for 8 of 226 countries or 3.5% complete.

Clicking on the language link takes you to a page showing the countries of the world, in English, the local name and in the language you selected.

Find a country name that is not yet translated to your language, for which you know the translation, and select one of the editor links and add your translation using either potlatch or josm.

The Multilingual Country List will update once per hour.

Which languages can be translation-complete in OpenStreetMap? Which countries will be completely translated in OpenStreetMap. Is this a chance for you to do some mapping with a family member from The Old Country?

Multilingual maps

To see your success of translating names of Countries, Cities, States, important POIs or even Road names, you can have a look at the experimental multilingual maps which have language overlays for a variety of popular languages.

As they are still experimental, the rerendering after an update is not yet automated, so you might need to manually request a rerendering

Things we can Tag

  • Countries
  • States / Provinces
  • Capitals
  • Cities

Add your language translation

name:lg=translated name