Project of the week/2010/May 23

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A Japanese leisure=garden

This week's project: "Gardening"

Ah, spring is finally in the air in the northern climes. Tradition in these parts of Southern Ontario (Canada) is to do your first gardening of the year on the Victoria Day weekend. Any earlier and you risk a frost-kill. Any later and you risk a frost-kill before you can harvest your tomatoes and cucumbers.

So to celebrate Victoria Day, and nature's awesome majesty in the form of fruits, vegetables and decorative flowers, the Project of the Week is to map the things that we plant in the ground.

The things that we plant in the ground

shop=garden_centre A shop to purchase plants or seeds for your garden.

leisure=garden An organized collection of plants for decoration or harvest.

landuse=allotments Typically shared space for vegetable gardens provided by the municipality.


Number of objects before and after Project of the week.

tag point polygon points after polygons after +/- node +/- way
shop=garden_centre 1430 544 1454 561 24 17
leisure=garden 542 29553 546 29947 4 394
landuse=allotments 350 22528 349 23062 -1 534
Total 27 945