Project of the week/2011/Jul 06

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Vienna State Opera

This week's project: On Your Way To Vienna

State of the Map EU is next weekend, and many of you are making your way towards Vienna right now. So that is the Project of the Week. Map your travel to Vienna. Make sure the airports, railways and highways that you'll take are on the map. Where is the taxi stand for the local taxi company that will take you to the airport? How about the cobbler who repaired your favourite hiking boots? Is that shop on the map?

But Project of the Week isn't just for those of you fortunate enough to be meeting with so many other interesting mappers from distant lands and varied backgrounds. Even if you aren't coming to Vienna, how would you get there? Is this the opportunity that you were waiting for to map your local soaring club, cycle path or skateboard park? If you imagine that you would travel to Vienna by pogo-stick (why is this option not mentioned on State Of The Map Europe 2011/Getting there??), is the pogo-stick shop on the map? Would you canoe or kayak to Austria? Put your favourite pier and portage on the map.

Project of the Week will be on hiatus next week, during SotM-EU.