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Proposal page Key:building: Tag:building:architecture=pre-romanesque
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: josemoya
Tagging: building:architecture=pre-romanesque
Applies to:
Definition: Add the pre-romanesque category to historic building listings. This includes styles such as Mozarabic and Visigothic, found in Spain.

Draft started: 2017-08-04


I want to distinguish between the romanesque and pre-romanesque buildings found in the north of Spain, like [Ermita de San Román].

Pre-romanesque buildings, built before romanesque arrived to Spain in the XI century, are often called "mozarabic", or "visgothic", depending on how much likely they were built by actual mozarabs or visigoths.


The tag would allow users to look for pre-romanesque buildings, or make routes looking for pre-romanesque art.


Most examples are in the North of Spain.

* [Ermita de San Román] 43.2196879,-4.0574628,17
* [Ermita de la Asunción en San Vicente del Valle]: 42.334253,-3.1636556,672 (not really mozarabic but visigothic)


The choosed value (either "pre-romanesque" or "mozarabic") would be applied to building:architecture

Applies to

building. amenity:place of worship (if marked as a "church" point). historic:ruins (if marked as a "ruins" point). historic:chapel


If you'd have an icon reflecting the architectural style (like a gothic arch for gothic, etc), the best for this would be a w:horseshoe arch. But it does not need an icon.

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