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Proposal status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: b-unicycling
Tagging: free_period_products=yes
Applies to: node
Definition: Adds information to a toilet whether there are free period products available

Draft started: 2023-08-22
RFC start: 2023-08-22


It is proposed to add information whether a toilet has free period products available. This is a service/ amenity provided in some countries for women who cannot afford them ("period poverty") or for emergencies. It is to be used on the amenity=toilet node.

Vending machines selling "feminine hygiene" products may still be mapped separately.


Just like with changing tables, it is useful to know whether a toilet provides this extra amenity. The different wording from vending=feminine_hygiene was chosen, because this new wording is more to the point (shampoo and deodorant are hygiene products after all), and because that is what the signage said in the surveyed examples. Furthermore, transgender men might need period products, too, so calling it "feminine hygiene" might be offending.


After adding the node for the amenity=toilet, add the tag free_period_products=* to the same node.

Use free_period_products:location=* to indicate which toilet they can be found in (female/ male/ unisex/ wheelchair), if all the toilets are mapped on one node.

Depending on the legal circumstances, there might be local policies in place to provide these products in public institutions like libraries or colleges. Only use this, if you are certain they are a permanent feature of this toilet, not just an idea by one employee to be kind (such as happens in restaurants or pubs sometimes).



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