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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Tibnor
Tagging: navaid=*

Draft started: 2009-04-01
RFC start: *
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


These tags are made for making a naval map, mainly based on IALA standard. It do need many more tags for old navaid systems.


Today there is no structural way to tag navaid, so this is a beginning.


Main tags

Key Value Element Comment Example
navaid lateral node Lateral mark
navaid cardinal node Cardinal mark
navaid safe_water node Safe water mark
navaid special node Special mark
navaid isolated_danger node Isolated danger mark

Type tags

Key Value Element Comment Example
navaid:type buoy node Buoy
navaid:type daymark node Daymark
navaid:type lateral node Lateral mark


Tags to specify navaid.

Key Value Element Comment Example
navaid:colour red/green/* node This is for lateral mark (red/green)
navaid:shape conic, square, circle etc. node
navaid:direction S,E,N,W or xxx degree node This is for cardinal mark

Lighthouse sector

Tags to describe sectors from lighthouse

Key Value Element Comment Example
navaid:sectorN:direction xxx degree, yyy degree node Sector N's direction from xxx to yyy
navaid:sectorN:colour green, red, white, yellow node Sector N's light colour
navaid:sectorN:characteristic F, Occ, Fl, Iso, etc. node Sector N's light characteristic


A naval chart need to be complete to be safe, therefore every map that uses these tags should be marked with something like: “This chart should not replace any official naval map.”