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Technical Station
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Tomasmarklund
Tagging: railway=technical_station
Applies to: node
Definition: A railway station for railway traffic management only with no passenger access.

Rendered as: text only: name(ref)
Draft started: 2014-01-05


This is a proposal to make the tag railway=technical_station official.


From a railway traffic management point of view, a technical_station is the same as a railway=station, however, there are no platforms here for passengers to embark/disembark the trains. The station is used only for railway traffic management purposes. I.e, to let trains meet on a single track line. A technical station is most often remote controlled from some controll center, there is most often no personell here. Tagging such a station with railway=station would be wrong since there are no passengers here, and tagging it railway=halt would be wrong for several reasons: there are multiple tracks here (which there is not on a halt) and there is no passenger exchange here (which there also is on a halt).


Tagging a single node should be sufficient. Also, the node should be tagged with


There are today (2014-01-05) already 647 nodes tagged with railway=technical_station

Applies to

Tagging a single node should be sufficient. When creating timetables for the railway they are treated as point objects.


The rendering of "name=* (ref=*)" in plain text should be sufficient.

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