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Proposal status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: reDoubleYou
Tagging: shop=direct_marketing
Applies to: node, area
Definition: describes a place where products from own, private production can be purchased

Rendered as: maybe rendering as a purple dot like an unspecified shop
Draft started: 2020-09-29
RFC start: 2020-10-01


This proposal suggests introducing a new tag value for the shop=* Key:


At the moment there is no documented way in OSM to record places that enable the direct sale of various goods on a small scale. It is intended that this tag will include locations where, for example, honey can be obtained directly from the beekeeper or game from the forester. These offers are often identified by signs with the contact details for the respective contact person. Another identification feature is that there are no general opening times or that a shop infrastructure is not available.


delimitation to shop=farm

Places marked with shop=farm have the same intention as those that are recorded with the proposed tag, but the former have professional shop space, often with staff and fixed opening times. shop=farm will therefore remain unaffected by this proposal. Rather, shop=direct_marketing refers to places where a sale can only be made through organization through a contact person.

delimination to private stalls in front of the garden

With shop=direct_marketing no places should be recorded where people set a table in front of their property and sell fruit, vegetables or jam from their garden there (payment often via a trust-based box). The problem is that the offer is not permanently available (often only offering goods at harvest time).


New Tags

Put a node (rarely area) and add shop=direct_marketing. To specify the goods offered the following (modified) produce-scheme should be used:

Tag produce that can be obtained
produce:honey=yes honey
produce:eggs=yes eggs
produce:game=yes game (meat)
produce:horse_dung=yes horse dung

Why modiefied? produce=* is used for objects where only one product is created / occurs. However, several products can be sold at one shop=direct_marketing. This modified tagging scheme is used to avoid information separated by a semicolon as value of produce=*.

To give more information about the spot:

Useful combination

Probably trappy combination

  • name=* (because most direct marketing spots are so "small" that they will not have a seperate name for it. In the event that there actually is a proper name, it is of course absolutely fine to use it. The primary aim of this note is not to confuse name=* with operator=*.)







Features/Pages affected

Page on this wiki for shop=* needs to be adjusted. Furthermore an own page for the new shop=direct_marketing needs to be written.

External discussions

The realization of the need to create a new tag arose in the german-speaking OSM-Telegram group (message:


Please comment on the discussion page.