Proposal:Tag:place=civil parish

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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Iagocasabiell
Tagging: place=civil_parish
Applies to: Node
Definition: A civil parish - administrative division below municipality level.

Draft started: 2019-07-29

place=civil_parish is proposed as a way to tag a central node for an administrative division below municipality level.

See also the more common tag boundary=administrative + admin_level=* and the relation type type=boundary used to define the borders of an administrative area.

For nodes it is common to tag a place=village, place=neighbourhood or place=hamlet as the Role admin_centre of the boundary relation.


Place a node at the main reunion site of the parish (like the square in front of the church or the festival/fair grounds), or the geographical center of the territory if the reunion site is not clear, and tag it place=civil_parish. Draw the boundary of the territory and create a Relation:boundary with the following tags: boundary=administrative, admin_level=9 (in most countries) and include the ways of the boundary as role=Role outer/Role inner and the previous node as role=Role label. You can also include the node of the predominant hamlet as role=Role admin_centre.

See Parish (administrative division) on Wikipedia