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Plantation Area
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: LorenzoStucchi
Tagging: landcover=cultivated
Applies to: area, relation
Definition: Every type of area cultivated by humans

Draft started: 2019-04-05
RFC start: 2019-04-06


The proposal is from Eng. Gorica Bratic and from the idea of mapping deforestation and proposes this tag as a general class for describe and area where human cultivate, can be a farmland or a meadow.


Plantation (also called cropland or cultivated areas) are the areas covered by vegetation managed and used by human. From the point of view of deforestation, emergence of plantations in the forest can be a proxy for tree removal. Besides, mapping cropland can help in understanding urbanization rate, since crop production declines due to urbanization. Existing comparable tags are describing cultivated areas in term of crop type, and for detecting that, visit of the area is often compulsory. Such detailed information like a crop type is not essential for certain purposes (e.g. deforestation mapping), the more general class describing all cultivated areas is proposed. In addition to that, the tag is intended to be used for remote mapping, therefore, the crop types might not be apparent.


Plantations can range in size, number and spatial distribution. In case of Amazon forest, it is expected to encounter hundreds of plantation due to enormous area of this specific forest.


Currently available key like crop=*, or tags like landuse=farmland and landuse=meadow require local knowledge, and thus it is not always feasible to use these tags. These tags are also more detailed than needed for certain scopes, including detecting deforestation, therefore, a general class of any cultivated areas can be tagged as landcover=cultivated.

Applies to

Area, Relation


Regularly shaped green

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