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Is a trailer park an amenity?

I have seen the term “trailer park” used in different meanings:

  1. A camping facility where leisure travelers stay for a relatively short period (from just one night to a few weeks) in a trailer or a motor home that they bring along with them. A trailer (also called a caravan in Britain) is towed by a vehicle while a motor home (also called a "camper") has its own engine and can be driven like a bus. Both trailers and motor homes usually have their own sanitary and cooking facilities; a trailer park may offer connections to fresh water, wastewater, electricity and/or gas at each designated bay. The park may also offer sites for camping in tents and a variety of shared facilities for recreation, cleaning, cooking, etc. This type of facility is also known as an "RV park" (an "RV" is a recreational vehicle").
  2. An area for permanent or semi-permanent residency where each residential unit is designed to be portable to some extent (it may be towed on its own wheels or carried on a flat-bed truck) in one or more pieces. However, when occupied, each unit is connected to all utilities and contains all basic living facilities. Each unit often has a permanent address. In practice, the units are not necerrarily moved much; they are usually rented or sold/bought in place.
  3. An area of permanently installed prefab or manufactured homes. The homes are lightweight and quick to set up but not necessarily designed to be moved after the first installation. In some areas, the occupants may actually own the parcel where the home is located (in the other two cases, the land is almost always rented).

The last usage is a misnomer (in my opinion) but the first two are both common. I think we should have separate tags for each case:

  1. amenity=camping (or something like that).
  2. landuse=residential and residential=mobile.
  3. landuse=residential and residential=detached (these are not substantially different from ordinary houses).

-T99 09:48, 17 August 2011 (BST)

Manufactured Homes

We have a considerable number of manufactured homes in my area (Southern Oregon) and they are largely used by people over 55. It would be nice to be able to encode the individual spaces on these so that geocoding could be done accurately (as some of the parks have a considerable number of units and cover several acres).