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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: overflorian
Tagging: amenity=meeting_point
Applies to: node
Definition: A dedicated place where people meet in public place

Draft started: 2015-04-27


A meeting point is a dedicated area where people can meet. You can find them in public areas with signs to indicate it, like this one:


This is NOT an emergency=assembly_point.


After a discussion on the tagging mailing list, I propose an audio beacon is described with amenity=meeting_point.

The related tags would be the following:

The tag amenity=meeting_point should be used because it's extensive. We should avoid using tourism=meeting_point because it's an amenity that can be used even out of a tourist context.

What this is not

The tag emergency=assembly_point is a "designated place or an area where all employees, passengers or a large crowd assemble in case of an emergency in an installation, building or a public place."

The emergency meeting point uses a different sign, often green like that:


Therefore it's NOT the same use.

Most of the time, the emergency meeting points are located outside the building and the meeting points are inside.


This tag should only apply to nodes: by definition it's always a very precise spot.


Meeting point.jpeg Airport Oslo Gardermoen - Meeting point.jpg