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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Muselaar
Tagging: office=energy_information
Applies to: "database type - node, way, area"
Definition: office which offers information and council for the control of energy, for people who want to save energy in their house: work of insulation, etc.
Rendered as: icon to be defined
Drafted on: 2017-08-16
RFC start: "date of the Request For Comments mail sent to the talk-list"
Vote start: "when voting can be started"
Vote end: "when voting is finished"

ex :

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And a first test :

There are several already existing examples in OSM, but they were tagged tourism=information, or office=government, which is not appropriate. I did not find anything of equivalent in the existing categories.


I do not speak about the offices of information on energy, which do not have an explicit name, and which I could not find…

I estimate that there is a hundred in France of it approximately, one by French department, even more, with detached consultations. For the other countries, I cannot say, but that would be surprising that they are typically French.

These offices will all the more expand, as energy is recognized like a world question.

It seems important to me that people can know where to address itself to have this information and this help, as well technical as administrative (files to obtain subsidies, in particular), for the control of energy.

These offices have as many reasons to be indicated on the map than any trade, since they propose something with somebody, like a trade, and that they are located at a precise place, which makes it possible to chart them.

Tag associated: All those of the trade or services, and in particular, operator:type=community, since generally, they are associations.