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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: *
Tagging: aeroway=airport
Rendered as: See subpage

General marking

Airport (usually international) for larger, aerodrome for smaller planes. If there are a couple of helicopter services as well as separate runways for commercial and private takeoff's then they can be classified as one airport but with four "aerodrome's".

  • aeroway=(airport|aerodrome)
  • name=
  • type=(civil|military)
  • icao=ICAO code (from Wikipedia?)
  • iata=IATA code

Runways / taxiways

  • aeroway = (runway|runway_disused|taxiway)
  • surface = (hard|soft)
  • elevation (ele=HeightInMeter)
  • name1 (when used in one direction, e.g. "00")
  • name2 (when used in other direction, e.g. "18")
  • airport_ref=(airport ident) - useful for correlating runways with their airports

Other features

  • man_made=airport_terminal (area, since terminal building usually cover a very large area)
  • man_made=control_tower
  • man_made=radar
  • man_made=nav_beacon
  • amenity=aircraft_fuel
  • amenity=windsock