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All You Can Eat
Status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: Jgpacker
Tagging: all_you_can_eat=yes/no/only
Applies to: node area
Definition: Whether the place offers an all-you-can-eat option.

Rendered as: Not rendered
Drafted on: 2014-02-14
RFC start: 2014-02-14


This tag describes whether there is an all-you-can-eat option in a restaurant, fast food joint, cafe or other kind of place that sells food for direct consumption.

The all-you-can-eat option does not necessarily needs to be buffet-style.


This is a potentially useful information that does not have a standard way of tagging yet.


It can be used with most places that offers food, including amenity=restaurant, amenity=fast_food and amenity=cafe.

This tag include buffet-style places that lets you eat "all that fits in your plate" (i.e. you can't have more food after the first serving).

This tag does not imply leftovers can be taken home.



Use all_you_can_eat=yes when an all-you-can-eat option is available whenever the place is open;


all_you_can_eat=no might be useful when a place belongs to a chain of restaurants that does offer an all-you-can-eat option, however this particular place does not; or when that particular area is known for offering this option; or similar cases.

service times

If the all-you-can-eat option is not offered at all times, you can describe when it is offered using opening_hours=*'s syntax.

For example, a cafe that has a happy hour every friday might use all_you_can_eat=Fr 16:00-20:00

It is allowed to use it without an opening_hours=* tag in the same element;

If opening_hours=* is specified, then all_you_can_eat=service times MUST be "contained" within opening_hours=*.


all_you_can_eat=special should be used in case the place only offers an all-you-can-eat option in special cases(for example, only to elderly people or children)

Serving System

This tag (originally all_you_can_eat:type=*) became a proposal of its own: Proposed_features/Serving_System

Possible (Future) Related Proposals

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    • all_you_can_drink:type=open_bar/...


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