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Global Road Network import
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: StevenLeRoux
Tagging: *=highway
Applies to: way
Definition: Global import acceptance
Vote start: 2009-12-30
Vote end: 2010-01-20

The State Of BMO (Brest Metropole Océanne)

We are now facing a choice to make.

  • Editing all the BMO area in order to align it on the real position (not the yahoo maps one).


  • Erasing almost all highways (but pedestrian/footway/cycle/...) and importing it from the BMO official database.

Why doing this ?

BMO surveyors are invited to pronounce themselves on the Global import principle because it's implying a huge delete of existing datas, like highway=primary/secondary/tertiary/residential/unclassified, and it's just a form of respect to ask them, and hope they can understand why we need to delete their great contributions

Will the map be better with this import ?

Actually, we could classify arguments in pros and cons :

Pros :

  • far better precision for way (issued from topological statements and FR:Cadastre)
  • including tags (Fantoir Code, hierarchical tags (primary/secondary/etc...)
  • Fantoir Code provide the ability of a simplier linking between builings and streets. Moreover, it's not intrusive with the actual pattern.
  • including trafic datas/tags ( speedlimit, fires, etc... )

Cons :

  • Small precision loss on crossroads, which should be moved anyway for better precision.
  • Huge delete of osm surveyors needed


  • I approve this proposal I approve this proposal. Even if I spent a lot of hours, since my goal is to produce the better map, I agree with this import --Steven Le Roux 14:25, 30 December 2009 (UTC+1)
  • I approve this proposal I approve this proposal. I agree this proposal since a differential import is implemented. As a "User who prefers to go outside and map", I added highways in OSM from a GPS device. The previous massive import of buildings in Plouarzel (with BMO methods) revealed the data we had already was ok (only a very few buildings were crossing roads :-) If data is removed and replaced by automatic import, it would be nice to have the logs so that we could verify if no added-value data (already in) is missing (Stop, roundabouts, speed limits...) -- Cecile Bothorel 10:20, 4th January 2010 (UTC+1)
  • I approve this proposal I approve this proposal. Clairement c'est oui mais c'est un peu décourageant ces imports massifs, même si c'est pour une plus grande exhaustivité et qualité de la carte. Doit-on attendre une libération des données IGN ou est-ce que l'on continue à arpenter le terrain ? Sinon sur la méthode du vote tous les contributeurs de BMO comprennent-ils l'anglais ? Merci pour tout le boulot sur ces imports c'est quand même épatant !--Slebourdon 07:58, 18 January 2010 (UTC)