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Proposal status: Inactive (inactive)
Proposed by: Cart O'Grapher
Tagging: shop=barbershop
Applies to: area
Definition: A barbershop is a place specialized in cutting man's hair. You can get a haircut, style your beard, or profile your moustache

Rendered as: Tag:Shop style
Draft started: 2021-03-02
RFC start: 2021-03-02


I propose the creation of a new shop feature named barbershop and the creation of the corresponding tag: shop=barbershop

Area building=yes shop=barbershop address, openning hours, phone number, etc


A barber is an ancient profession which still needs to be acknowledged. There are many places in the world which likes to be called barber instead of hairdresser and an entire YouTube channel dedicated to visit barbershops around the world. A barbershop specialices in cutting man's hair. See:

barbershop or barber


Use this tag when the shop clearly claims to be a barber instead of a hairdresser. It should be used as shop=barbershop and include all the common tags shops have.



Use a barbershop pole symbol. Examples:

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