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Diego's Hair Salon.jpg
A hairdressers or barbers shop, where hair is cut Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Shops
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A  hairdressers shop, where you can get your hair cut.

This includes barbers shops (even if you wouldn't call them hairdressers)

Typically hairdressers do other hair related services: washing, shaving, colouring, extensions etc, and often other beauty/grooming treatments services and products are on offer. May be called a "salon"

How to map

Set a node or draw as an area along the object outline. Tag it with shop=hairdresser and name=*.

Tags to use in combination

Tag to indicate if it's unisex or for men (aka barbers shop) or for women. For this tagging scheme we could aim to be consistent with amenity=toilets.

  • female=yes/no for tagging a female-only.
  • male=yes/no for tagging a men-only.
  • unisex=yes/no if available to all. (yes default if no tag set)


Similar tags

  • shop=beauty - a shop that does skin treatment, nails, or a general beauty salon that does more than just hair
  • shop=hairdresser_supply - a shop with hairdressing supplies