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To indicate the services in a beauty shop. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Shops
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Status: in use

beauty=* is used to indicate what services are provided in a beauty shop (shop=beauty).

It is used mainly with shop=beauty, but it's possible to use it with shop=hairdresser too.


Value Description
beauty=nails manicure, pedicure
beauty=tanning tanning salon
See also: leisure=tanning_salon
beauty=cosmetics cosmetics, beauty treatments
beauty=spa hydrotherapy, skin refreshment and moisturizing. Commonly called "Day Spa" or its variants.
beauty=skin_care skin care, microdermabrasion, peeling
beauty=waxing waxing
beauty=hair_removal hair removal
beauty=eyebrow eyebrow styling, eyebrow henna
beauty=aesthetic aesthetic medicine treatments for improving physical attractiveness
beauty=massage massage
beauty=eyelash eyelash styling, eyelash henna
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