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beer details
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: dieterdreist
Tagging: drink:*=draught,bottled,yes,no
Applies to: node node area area
Definition: Intended as an attribute to refine places that sell beer

Rendered as: *
Draft started: 2012-05-10
RFC start: *
Vote end: *


This is an attempt to store more details about the beer that is offered.


For many people it does matter what kind of beer is offered, and whether it is draught beer or bottled beer.


Use drink:*=yes/draught/bottled/no where * is a placeholder for a type of beer. See below for a selection of beer types and add more types to the list if they are missing. Be aware that the same type of beer might be known under different names in different regions. There is also types and subtypes (e.g. there is pale lager and dark lager which are both subtypes of lager beer). Be more specific if you can.

Beer types

OSM-tag Beer type Also known as Notes Picture
drink:beer=* beer This is the most generic variation not giving any detail on the type of beer but better than nothing. It is sufficient to mark if there is draught beer or not. If you know the detailed type you'd better use it.
drink:lager=* lager This is a very generic term. If you know the detailed type better use it.
drink:pale_lager=* pale lager Helles, Export This is a generic type for a pale lager Helles im Glas-Helles (pale beer).jpg
drink:dark_lager=* dark lager This is a generic type for a dark lager
drink:pilsner=* Pilsner Pils This is a specific type of pale lager with a distinctive taste. Pilsner Urquell 2.JPG
drink:alt=* Altbier This is a beer brewed in Düsseldorf and other places at the "Niederrhein"
drink:kölsch=* Kölsch This is a beer brewed in the region Cologne/Bonn
drink:märzen=* Märzen This is a beer brewed in Bavaria/Austria
drink:dunkles=* Dunkles Bier Braun-/Rotbier Austrians and Bavarians differentiate between Dunkles (dark beer) and Schwarzbier (black beer, i.e. dark_lager)
drink:wheat_beer=* Wheat beer typically a sweet tasting beer, mostly brewed in USA and Australia, but also in Germany, e.g. Berliner Weiße. Not to be confused with Weizenbier!
drink:weizen=* Weizenbier Weißbier This is the generic form for a beer brewed in Bavaria/Austria
drink:kristallweizen=* Kristallweizen clear Weizenbier
drink:hefeweizen=* Hefeweizen has a hazy appearance due to yeast
drink:dunkles_hefeweizen=* Dunkles (dark) Hefeweizen made with darker, more highly-kilned malt


Bock is the german expression for extra strong beer, and there are even Doppelbock (double bock) beers. They exist for different beer types, including lager, Märzen and Weizen. If such a beer is offered, is suggested to append '_bock' to the beer type (e.g. for the well known Aventinus you'd use drink:dunkles_hefeweizen_bock:aventinus=bottled)

Beer brands

You can also add the brand that is offered for a certain type of beer (or other drink). We are not going to collect a list of all possible brands in the OSM wiki but rather follow the same generic scheme.

drink:*:brand=yes where * is the type of beer (see above) and brand is the brand. As this is meant to be a formal tag we will not use capitalized characters in this key and whitespace will be transformed to underscores.

Example: If there was pub selling a variant of pale lager beer named "ABC Beer" , the tagging would be:

  • drink:pale_lager:abc_beer=yes

Note: Use the brand-style additionally to the type-style, not exclusively, to facilitate evaluation. The brand is optional.


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