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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Lulu-Ann
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Proposed on: 2008-10-31
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Proposal, Rationale

In several places a minimum of clothing is requested (churches: shoulders covered, restaurants: long pants for gents), in others a maximum is expected (FKK Frei Körper Kultur = naked beach areas).

To allow travellers to respect expectations about the minimum of clothing and to find places where you can bath naked, a key and rendering is needed.

In different cultures even the same place has different demands for clothing, e.g. in most european countries in the sauna you are expected to be naked, while in north america a bathing suite is appropriate.



  • naked: FKK beaches (Ostsee eastern Germany, often one part of a beach of a lake)
  • Sauna areas in public swimming pools:naked (Germany) / bathing suit (USA)
  • Islam Moschee: No shoes
  • ...


  • Christian Churches (Germany): usually shoulders covered
  • Jewish Synagoges: usually head covered for men
  • Orthodox Churches (Russia): usually skirts instead of pants for women
  • Neopren suit of at least 3mm thickness for diving (because of the water temperature)
  • ...


max_clothing=* in mapedit

min_clothing=* in mapedit


This keys may be applied to almost everything where humans might go.

Values (please discuss)

Values shall keep in order as much as possible.


  • naked
  • no shoes
  • face not covered
  • no loose objects (rollercoster)
  • no motorbike helmets (some CCTV environments e.g. banks)


  • monokini (bikini without top)
  • bath suit
  • T-Shirt & Bermudas
  • legs covered
  • shoulders covered
  • skirt for women
  • necktie (men)
  • hat needed (men)
  • shoes needed
  • face covered (women)

Applies to

Any place or amenity a human might go, also to routes (relations) like pilgrimmages, ferries, ...


An icon showing the set of clothing needed at least with a "!" for min_clothing. An icon showing the set of clothing not allowed crossed out (like a bikini crossed out for naked bathing beaches).


Please use the discussion page