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This is a list of Proposed features with status Proposed.

These proposals are open for discussion and input.

For information on how to propose a tag, see Proposal process. This list is automatically generated by the Template:Proposal page on individual proposed feature pages.

Next step for this proposals would be starting a vote or marking them as abandoned.

If proposal never went through Request for Comments or it happened very, very long time ago - start RfC.

Some proposals listed here are actually inactive or abandoned: feel free to edit them and move them to Category:Proposals with "Inactive" status or Category:Proposals with "Abandoned" status categories. It is recommended to check at least history of a proposal page whether there is some recent activity.

It may be useful to add {{No vote feature link}} (or {{ambox|text=This feature is now documented at [[Tag:example=value]] }} ) or {{ambox|text=This feature is now tagged as [[Tag:example=value]] }} if modern tagging is different.

See for example this edit adding note how such feature can be tagged

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