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Omitted name tag
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: ZeLonewolf
Tagging: noname=*
Applies to: nodewayarearelation
Definition: The reason a name=* tag is omitted

Draft started: 2023-07-14
RFC start: 2023-07-16


The noname=* tag expresses the deliberate reason why a feature has no name=* tag. This proposal expands upon the existing noname=yes by adding additional values to indicate the reason why a name=* tag is not present. This allows mapping communities to map features for which there are multiple, equally-valid possible names without using a delimiter such as a slash, dash, or semi-colon.

This proposal takes no position on the question of whether to combine multiple languages into the name=* tag using a delimiter, or to use noname=*.

Proposed are that:

  • noname=yes indicates that a feature has no name in any language, and the lack of a name=* is not a mistake, which is the current usage.
  • noname=disputed indicates that a feature has multiple possible names used or preferred by different real-world groups, and the name=* has been omitted in order to not favor one group over the other.
  • noname=multiple_languages indicates that a feature's name is not disputed, but is known by different names in multiple equally-valid local languages. The mapper has omitted the name=* tag in order to not favor one local, on the ground language over another. In this case, data consumer would expect to find name:(lang)=<name> tags for the names of this feature in various languages.
  • noname=no is deprecated as a Trolltag.


  1. There is currently no way to indicate to data consumers that:
    1. a name=* tag has been suppressed because the name is controversial, such as the Persian Gulf / Arabian Gulf naming dispute.
    2. a name=* tag has been suppressed because the feature is known by different names in different languages, and no one language would be appropriate, such as the name of an ocean or large sea bordering multiple countries that speak different languages. For example, the Baltic Sea is tagged name=Morze Bałtyckie - Baltijos jūra - Baltijas jūra - Läänemeri - Itämeri - Östersjön - Østersøen - Ostsee -Балтийское море. The multiple_languages value indicates to a data consumer that non-controversial values are present in name:xx tags. Thus, a data consumer that wishes to display non-controversial names, but doesn't mind preferring one language over another, can still do so.
  2. noname=no is useless because a data consumer can determine that a feature is named based on the presence of a name=* tag.
  3. The use of noname=disputed or noname=multiple_languages allows validators to suppress warnings to a user that a name=* tag is missing for cases where it's deliberately omitted while other variants of name are present.
  4. The use of noname=disputed provides an alternative tagging scheme for cases where long-running edit wars repeatedly change the name=* tag.


Note that local mapping communities may choose to continue tagging name=* tags with multiple values separated by delimiter as described in Multilingual names. However, if a mapping community chooses to deliberately suppress the name=* tag, noname=* can be used as follows:

For features with no name:

For features with disputed names:

For features with undisputed names but no single language is appropriate for the name=* tag:

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Features/Pages affected

Page Change
noname=* Add this page in order to indicate the overall purpose of the noname=* key.
noname=yes Mark this tag as approved rather than de facto.
noname=disputed Create this page.
noname=multiple_languages Create this page.
noname=no Mark this tag as a tagging mistake.

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