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Hello! My name is Brian Sperlongano, and I am based in Rhode Island, USA. My mapping interests include boundaries, protected areas, and hiking trails.

As of 2022, I'm a member of the OpenStreetMap US board of directors.

Outside Projects

  • I am the creator of StreetFerret, which is based on OpenStreetMap and Strava. As part of this project, I help fix administrative boundaries worldwide, primarily at level 7 and 8.

Significant Contributions


I founded the OpenStreetMap Americana project, which aims to produce a map in the style of North American maps, with comprehensive highway shield rendering on a vector tile stack.

I have completed the following projects:

I am currently working the following projects:

  • A collaborative project to modernize river tagging.
  • An AJAX replacement for the {{taginfo}} template.
  • I am mapping land use and land cover data for Rhode Island, one town at a time. See an example of my work on relation Prudence Island.
  • I am contributing to the United States Public Lands project in order to document public land tagging standards for Rhode Island.

Proposal Development

I am a strong proponent of using the OpenStreetMap proposal process to achieve consensus on tagging schemes. If you are interested in writing a proposal, and would like private help or feedback, I would be happy to assist in helping you get your idea through the proposal process.


RFC Vote End Result Description
2020-10-25 2020-11-24 Symbol support vote.svg 25-2 (93%) A proposal to add boundary=special_economic_zone as way of tagging SEZs.
2020-11-25 2020-12-26 Symbol support vote.svg 35-0 (100%) A proposal (adopted from User:Espen) to add hazard tagging.
2021-01-26 2021-02-09 Symbol support vote.svg 32-0 (100%) A proposal to add man_made=tailings_pond as a way of tagging tailings ponds.
2021-01-31 2021-03-04 Symbol support vote.svg 31-0 (100%) A proposal to add basin=evaporation as a way of tagging evaporation ponds.
2020-12-20 2022-01-31 Symbol support vote.svg 54-0 (100%) A proposal to define reservoir, lake, and pond.
2023-01-02 A proposal for modeling oceanic seas as nodes.

Actively Working

  • A proposal for the tagging of clarifiers and oxidation ditches.
  • A proposal for the tagging of water treatment ponds and basins.
  • A proposal to add a way to tag the boundaries of parks.
  • An under-construction proposal to fix duplicate boundary relation member ways.
  • An under-construction proposal to fix ownership=*.
  • An under-construction proposal to fix protect_class=*.

Things that need a proposal to fix


Utility Pages

Future projects

Things I'm not working on, but would like to:

Possible Cleanup Tasks


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