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A government-defined area in which the business and trade laws are different. Edit or translate this description.
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A special economic zone (SEZ) is a government-defined area in which business and trade laws are different. SEZs are located within a country's national borders, and their aims include increased trade balance, employment, increased investment, job creation and effective administration. (See:  Special Economic Zone)

SEZs are mapped as an area with the tag boundary=special_economic_zone. In addition, the law defining the SEZ can be tagged with related_law=*.

Note that SEZs are different from Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs), which are currently mapped with the existing tag boundary=maritime.


The Wikipedia page  List of special economic zones contains a compilation of SEZs in over 30 countries. Some examples include:


Areas or multipolygon relations that represent SEZs are mapped with the tag boundary=special_economic_zone.