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Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Joel Amos
Tagging: tourism=camp_lodging
Applies to: node / area
Definition: A plot containing a small (often single-unit), rentable building or shelter with limited amenities, designed for short-term lodging in natural settings. Such plots may include fire pits, picnic tables, etc.

Draft started: 2023-12-10
RFC start: 2023-12-10


I propose the use of tourism=camp_lodging for tagging plots containing small (often single-unit), rentable buildings or shelters with limited amenities, designed for short-term lodging in natural settings. The plot does not usually include cooking facilities or toilets and most often exists within a larger site, such as tourism=camp_site, tourism=caravan_site, or leisure=resort. Plots sometimes include fire pits, picnic tables, etc.

tourism=camp_lodging is analogous to tourism=camp_pitch in that it is a rentable space within a larger site. However, camp_pitch defines an area for erecting or parking one's own lodging, whereas camp_lodging defines an area with dedicated lodging.


It is common for campsites to provide structures for rent such as cabins, glamping teepees, and static caravans, but such entities currently lack an intuitive tagging scheme. While tags like building=cabin and building=static_caravan are already in wide use, they only describe the physical structure and do not provide the larger context, namely, that the structure is rentable, of interest to tourists, within a camp, etc.

Note the existence of my previous tourism=cabin proposal (which never went to voting). I realized in the discussion there that camp_lodging is a better general name that includes structures other than cabins.

One ad hoc solution for handling camp cabins suggested on the wiki is tourism=camp_pitch + cabins=yes. However, the camp_pitch proposal defined "pitch" as "a free space used to place a tent or or caravan," and this matches common usage.

Other wiki articles advocate using tourism=chalet. However, the tourism=chalet proposal included the necessity of "self-contained cooking facilities and/or bathroom and toilet facilities," and this matches modern usage.

tourism=alpine_hut is in the mountains by definition. tourism=wilderness_hut is backcountry and not rentable.


tourism=camp_lodging can be mapped as follows:

  • A closed way around the plot area
  • A node at the center of the plot
  • On the same entity as the tag specifying the type of physical structure (e.g. building=cabin)

If the structure is identified with a reference, use Key:ref to record the identification. If the larger grounds has a street address with official unit numbers for each structure, use addr:unit=* in addition to ref=*.

Similar features

If the structure is more akin to a self-contained, rentable vacation home with many amenities, use tourism=chalet instead.

If the structure is self-contained, has many amenities, and contains multiple units, use tourism=apartment instead.


Below are some examples of tourism=camp_lodging. Note that the tourism tag may or may not appear on the same entity as the building tag; I've included it here for brevity.

Example Tagging
Cabin 066 at Camp Mather.jpg

Camp cabin

Glamping hut.jpg

Glamping tent


Stationary caravan

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