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Proposal status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: Joel Amos
Tagging: tourism=cabin
Applies to: node / area
Definition: A small, single-unit, rentable building (or group of buildings) with few amenities designed to accommodate lodging

Draft started: 2022-01-08
RFC start: 2022-01-08


I have canceled this proposal in favor of Proposal:Key:tourism=camp_lodging.


I propose the use of tourism=cabin for tagging small, single-unit, rentable buildings (or group of buildings) with few amenities designed to accommodate lodging. The buildings do not usually include cooking facilities or toilets and most often exist within a larger site, such as tourism=camp_site, tourism=caravan_site, or leisure=resort.

As with tourism=chalet, this tag may be used to represent either a single cabin or a group of cabins.


It is common for campsites to provide cabins for rent in addition to camp pitches, but this feature currently lacks an intuitive tagging scheme. While building=cabin is already in wide use, it is only a description of the physical building and does not demarcate the cabin as rentable.

One ad hoc solution suggested on the wiki is tourism=camp_pitch + cabins=yes. However, the camp_pitch proposal defined "pitch" as "a free space used to place a tent or or caravan," and this matches common usage.

Other wiki articles advocate using tourism=chalet. However, the tourism=chalet proposal included the necessity of "self-contained cooking facilities and/or bathroom and toilet facilities," and this matches modern usage.

tourism=alpine_hut is in the mountains by definition. tourism=wilderness_hut is backcountry and not rentable.


When representing a single cabin, tourism=cabin is used in combination with Key:building (building=cabin in all but edge cases). As with buildings, use either a closed way (i.e. area) or a node.

When representing a group of cabins, use a node at the center of the group.

If the cabin is identified with a reference, use Key:ref to record the identification. If the larger grounds has a street address with official unit numbers for each cabin, use addr:unit=* in addition to ref=*.

Similar features

If the building is more akin to a self-contained, rentable vacation home with many amenities, use tourism=chalet instead.

If the building contains multiple units, use tourism=apartment instead.

Features/Pages affected


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