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Lough Erne Navigation
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Oobayly
Tagging: lough_erne_nav:type=*
Applies to: node
Definition: A navigation marker on the Lough Erne Waterways

Rendered as: hidden
Draft started: 2023-09-08


Lough Erne, located in Northern Ireland has a non-standard system of marks used for navagation on the river and lakes. Unlike IALA lateral markers, the system has no concept of direction of bouyage and instead uses red/white topmarks that indicate which side traffic should pass. Rather than "polluting" the seamark=* namespace, the suggestion is to add a tag specifically for this set of waterways.

Markers that cover the entirety of Lough Erne waterways are in a position to be added to OSM soon and it would idea to settle on a tagging scheme for when this is done.


It is also not possible to use the seamark:type=lateral tags as they are expected to be fixed colours (red or green). However the suggested tag would use the seamark=* as an template.


lough_erne_nav:type=* would indicate the type of naviation mark. In addition, if the marker is lough_erne_nav:type=lateral an additional lough_erne_nav:lateral:pass=* tag would be added to indicate to which side the marker would be passed. Ideally this would be a Cardinal direction (including intercardinal or secondary intervardinal), for ease of validation.

These tags would be used in conjunction with seamark=* tags


Tag Description
lough_erne_nav:type=lateral A lateral (port or starboard) navigation marker
lough_erne_nav:lateral:pass=NE A cardinal direction (N, NE, NNW, etc ) indicating on which side the marker should be passed
lough_erne_nav:type=no_entry A do not pass "no entry" marker
lough_erne_nav:type=middle_ground A middle ground marker, that indicates the area should be given a wide berth


These would not be rendered on mapnik, rather they would have to be rendered using the OpenSeaMap tools. This is a separate issue as the OpenSeaMap appears to be relatively dormant at the moment. Nonetheless, having this information saved would be ideal for use in the future.

Ideally, a renderer would take the lough_erne_nav:lateral:pass=* tag, and rotate the topmark so that it would indicate the hazard and safe sides.


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