Proposal:Historic main tag for defensive works

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Defensive structures
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: 501ghost
Tagging: historic=defensive_works
Applies to: node Nodes, way Ways, area Areas
Definition: Military constructions or buildings designed for the defence of territories in warfare

Draft started: 2023-07-19
RFC start: 2023-07-20

After defensive_works=* surpassed 1,000 uses, I took a look at how it was used. Basically all of them are parts of historic fortifications thgat mainly function as heritage sites. That's why I now propose to make the whole key a sub-tag of a new main tag: historic=defensive_works. This allows mappers to use a generic tag for defensive works which can later be specified with defensive_works=* by a mapper with more local knowledge and/or understanding of the topic. This also allows users to easily find defensive works when they search for historic map features.

I acknowledge the concerns that a few people shared when voting of the defensive_works proposal was in progress, namely that approving defensive_works as a stand-alone key would not be the most practical way to do it.

How to use

Map a (historic) defensive structure (nodewayarea) and tag it with historic=defensive_works and specify this further with defensive_works=*.

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