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Pickup points
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Push-f
Tagging: amenity=product_pickup
Applies to: node, area (node / area)
Definition: A pickup point for a store, where products that have previously been ordered can be picked up (and sometimes also returned).

Draft started: 2022-09-26
RFC start: 2022-09-26


  1. Define amenity=product_pickup, product_pickup:shop=*, return_parcels=* and order_and_pickup=* as described in #Tagging.
  2. Deprecate shop=outpost in favor of amenity=product_pickup.
  3. Deprecate outpost=X in favor of product_pickup:shop=X (where X is some shop=* value).
  4. Suggest that a amenity=parcel_locker that only serves online stores (as opposed to parcel lockers where you can receive/send parcels from/to anywhere) should rather be tagged with amenity=product_pickup.
  5. Deprecate parcel_mail_in=return_only in favor of return_parcels=yes.


Many retailers let you order online and pick up what you ordered at a store (this is often called click and collect). However such retailers also often provide dedicated pick up points — these are not stores because you cannot buy anything there, you can only pick up products there that you previously ordered.

Currently such pickup locations are tagged with shop=outpost, which does not make any sense. A pickup location is neither a shop (because you cannot buy anything there) nor an outpost (which is a military post or an outlying settlement[1]). So why should it be tagged with shop=outpost? That is just confusing and misleading.

The resulting confusion is best exemplified by outpost=*, which has now sometimes been used to tag what can be picked up at a pickup location (e.g. outpost=books) ... which again does not make any semantic sense.

And then there are online marketplaces which have pickup points in the form of parcel lockers (e.g. Amazon and AliExpress). Currently such parcel lockers are tagged with amenity=parcel_locker. That tag is currently used for two kinds of parcel lockers:

  • parcel lockers that can receive parcels from any sender – and sometimes also let you send parcels to any addressee
  • parcel lockers for one or several specific stores where you can only receive parcels from the specified sender(s) – and sometimes also return parcels to the online store

This proposal suggests that the latter should rather be tagged as amenity=product_pickup because that better describes their purpose.

For retail chains where only some stores support Click & Collect, the order_and_pickup=yes/no tag is introduced, which is named that way in order to also apply to stores where you have to order by means other than "clicking" (e.g. by making a phone call).

When to use this tag?

Distinction of shop and pickup point

A pickup point is primarily for picking up products you previously ordered. Unlike regular stores pickup points have either no or a very limited inventory.

Tag Primary purpose Can you pick up online orders?
shop=* buy something in store
  • for retail chains where every store supports Click & Collect just tagging brand=* should suffice
  • for retail chains where only some stores support Click & Collect, tag these with order_and_pickup=yes/no
amenity=product_pickup pick up something you previously ordered yes

Parcel lockers

Large online marketplaces such as Amazon and AliExpress have their own pickup points in the form of parcel lockers. While such parcel lockers could be tagged with amenity=parcel_locker, you should consider tagging them with amenity=product_pickup + self_service=yes instead to better describe their purpose, reserving amenity=parcel_locker for parcel lockers where parcels may be received from anywhere (not just specific online stores), and can be sent anywhere (not just returned to the online store).

Deprecated tagging New tagging
brand=Amazon Locker


A amenity=product_pickup of one or few specific stores, retailers or marketplaces allows customers to pick up what they ordered beforehand via online shop, phone or other means. For pickup locations for postal services, please refer to Postal amenities.

You are strongly encouraged to add a brand=* tag. Other useful tags are name=*, opening_hours=*, self_service=* and website=*.

The product_pickup:shop=* tag describes what kind of products can be picked up at the pickup point. Its values correspond to the values of shop=*, e.g:

If a pickup point is located at a building=warehouse, that is largely inaccessible to customers, the pickup point should always be mapped as a separate node to indicate the specific location of the pickup point as well as to avoid adding opening_hours=* to the warehouse (warehouses generally aren't open to the public). Same applies if a pickup point is located at a shop but accessible outside the shop's opening_hours=*, e.g. because it is implemented as lockers in the outside wall of the shop.

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Deprecated tagging New tagging



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