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Shop primarily used to pick-up items ordered online. May have meager supply of products. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: shops
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A shop primarily used to pick-up items ordered online (also known as "click and collect"). It may have a meager supply of products.

If the shop also has a proper browsable inventory on-site, use a normal shop type instead - regardless whether its main business is to allow pickup of items ordered online. For example, a bookstore whose main business is as a pickup point for books ordered online but nevertheless has a proper book supply on-site, use shop=books.

The same holds true for kiosks that also offer parcel pickup (see parcel_pickup=*). However, If it is just a self-service pick-up station, use amenity=parcel_locker plus fitting supplementary tags instead.

Pure mail order businesses (also known as catalog selling businesses) without pick-up should be tagged with office=company (and a fitting subtag) instead. Big industrial warehouses, without customer access, should be tagged as industrial=warehouse instead.

Note that the name of the tag value may be problematic, as it refers to things other than shop[1]. There is a a proposal to replace this tag with another: Proposal:Pickup points

See also

  • amenity=warehouse - used to be "online grocers / dark stores," but dark_store is beginning to be used for this, so now, this tag is meant as "commercial warehouse" which may offer some services to the public
  • industrial=warehouse - industrial warehouses
  • building=warehouse - for the individual buildings built as warehouses
  • building:use=warehouse - for the individual buildings which were originally built as something else, but are being used as warehouses
  • dark_store=* - for a location, not open to public shopping directly onsite, which supports online shopping services as a warehouse and base of operations for its delivery personnel