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Food Sharing
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: ToastHawaii
Tagging: amenity=food_sharing
Applies to: nodearea
Definition: A shelf/box/fridge where people drop off and pick up food to reduce food waste and in the sense of free sharing.

Draft started: 2020-02-26
RFC start: 2020-02-26


A food sharing is a place where people drop off and pick up food to reduce food waste and in the sense of free sharing. Usually this place is a small box, shelf or fridge. In most cases these are surplus, leftover or not suitable for sale perishables or products that have exceeded their best-before date but still are well eatable. There are no persons present who directly distribute the food or control who is given or taken food.

Sometimes those are run inside a building, such as the entrance area of a community centre, apartment building or other leisure activity places, and the operator of those facilities is the host.



Translation in other languages and synonyms

  • English: Community fridge
  • German: Fair-Teiler, Food-saver-Regal und -Kühlschrank, Essenstauschbox
  • French: Frigo solidaire, Frigo communautaire
  • Latvian: Kopienas skapis
  • Poland: lodówka społeczna, jadłodzielnia



This proposal is for a new amenity tag:


Other existing tags could be used in combination:

Tag Description
access=* Implies access=yes. Optional use access=permissive or access=customers
fee=* Implies fee=no.
name=* Optional. If the facility has a name.
description=* Optional. Add details on how to find easily the facility.
fridge=* Optional. Add fridge=yes if there is a refrigerator at the facility. Use fridge=only if there is only a refrigerator at the facility and no space to place non-refrigerated products.
opening_hours=* Optional. If the facility is in a shop, cafe etc. Can be an important information.
network=*, brand=* Optional. Name of the network or brand of the facility if there is one visible. eg. Madame Frigo, you can also add more information about the network=* or brand=* with tags like network:wikidata=*, network:wikipedia=*, network:website=*, network:facebook=* or brand:wikidata=*, brand:wikipedia=*, brand:website=*, brand:facebook=* eg. network=Foodsharing e.V. + network:wikidata=Q15809935 + network:facebook=
operator=* Optional. Name of the operator, for example a restaurant that provides the facility within its walls.
location=*, indoor=* Optional. Use location=indoor or indoor=yes if the facility is inside a building.
website=*, contact:website=* Optional. The official website of the related facility, if one exists. For a general network facebook website you can use network:website=* or brand:website=*
facebook=*, contact:facebook=* Optional. The official facebook page of the related facility, if one exists. For a general network facebook website you can use network:facebook=* or brand:facebook=*
ref=* Optional. If the facility has a reference number
wheelchair=* Optional. Please add this attribute cause a lot of facility do not have wheelchair access.
lit=* Optional. Add this tag if the facility is lit.
covered=* Optional. Use covered=yes for covered facilities.

Checkout contact=* for more contact tags. Note: Sometimes there is a contact/channel (website, messenger group) to inform the recipients about new food in the facility.

Related facilities

Usually a food_sharing is about sharing perishables to reduce food waste, many have a fridge. If you found something that has multiple kind of items like nonperishables eg. food cans, personal hygiene products and other items and no fridge to cold food. You can use amenity=give_box to document it.


Features/Pages affected

  • Tag:amenity=recycling - The description «community fridge to help reduce food waste» by recycling:food=* will be changed to «For food sharing to reduce food waste use amenity=food_sharing».
  • Tag:amenity=give_box - Update the description to include food and exclude perishable food.

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