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Username or URL of the Facebook page at which the point of interest can be contacted Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: annotations
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may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)may be used on relations
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One way of adding a Facebook link to the object.

Please only use this tag for official Facebook pages (e.g. no fanpage)

It may be Facebook page or a Facebook profile. In most cases, the full URL is used as value. It is also possible to add the username or page name only (the part after the last '/'). This requires the user software to add the appropriate URL prefix, but it makes it easier to adapt to special needs like offering the mobile version of the page or a random language version.

The key contact:facebook=* is in use as well and more often.

How to use?

Assign this tag to any object (nodes, ways, or relations):

As described above, both versions are valid. If you prefer to add the full URL, please make sure you link to the generic page, use https, don't use any language-subdomains, and remove all possible tracking tokens that might be shown in the address bar of your browser. Facebook itself is able to forward every user to their preferred version of the website (mobile, language), so there is no need to add a specific selection to OSM.

facebook or contact:facebook?

These tags are two equal means of documenting official Facebook contact channels. Both are in use with "contact:facebook" being the most popular among mappers. The reason for this is, that there is a JOSM-template for contact=*, which exists for a long time, where most of the social media related keys without the contact=*-prefix are, in most cases, still not documented in the wiki until now. So they also don't exist in JOSM, which is used by many highly active contributors. Using the contact=*-prefix adds no additional information compared to using the keys in plain, while using up additional memory and CPU time in processing, besides from being harder to type without templates. As these social media keys usually have not to be used in combination with other social media keys, there is no claimed tagging "fragmentation". Just to consider.

As of February 2021, "facebook" tag was used by 2500 unique mappers and "contact:facebook" by 5500 unique mappers. Currently "facebook" is the only non-prefixed social media key that has a greater than 1% usage compared to its prefixed version.

Due to the fragmentation there have been efforts made to unify the tagging in favor of the community preferred scheme using the contact prefix, which is all but finished for every social media and web service key. facebook=* is the last remaining social media key that is yet to be unified. There have been edits discussed on the OpenStreetMap World Discord to clean up all the non-prefixed social media keys. This resulted in its sharp drop in the usage of facebook=*, as shown on chart below.

Popularity of contact:facebook=* over facebook=*.

See also

  • contact:facebook=* - Username or URL of the Facebook page at which the point of interest can be contacted
  • contact:*=* - The contact:* keys describe contact information